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Can’t Decide When to Run Adex

I’m trying to figure out if I should take Adex on my third pin or wait until I notice sides I keep reading different things

A lot of people on Reddit say to wait for sides and then other forums say to start right away or on the third pin because if your E2 is too high it can inhibit your body of using all the testosterone it has (the injected test obviously)

Depends on a lot of factors as in what are you running, how high is your dose, and have you had prior issues? If just a low-moderate test cycle the general consensus is ‘wait for symptoms’. If I were to run say moderate test and dbol I would probably run a low regimen from the start because I know how my body reacts. But everybody is different and there is no single correct answer.

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You very well might not need Adex at all depending on cycle. Don’t assume you’ll need it or purposefully look for sides.

I’m running a first cycle of Test e 500 mg a week for 16-20 weeks

Everyone is different, I don’t suffer from high E or itchy nips even at that dose but I can feel a little more emotional than normal. Some guys get full on gyno or get bloated while others aren’t affected in the slightest. Keep it on hand until you have problems, that’s if you get any at all.

Many folks do not need it at all for 500mg weekly. I would however suggest minimizing the amount of time you’re running that cycle. My gains slow dramatically after 10-12 weeks personally. You’ll just be shutting yourself down for longer period of time for potentially not much benefit.