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Can Surge Go Bad?


I tried to find this somewhere on the website but couldn't find it. I gave it the ol' college try...anyway

While i was moving back into my apartment, I left my Surge Recovery in the car for a couple of days in 90+ degree heat. subsequently most of it turned rock hard and i had to shake it up a lot but there are still large chunks in it and i'm wondering if its gone bad and if i should just buy new stuff. its already about 5 months old as well.

and on another note, has anyone bought the meal replacement bottles...i'm in college and it sounds like a good idea if i was trying to save money. thanks for the advice in advance.


sounds like it got DAMN hot in the car and started to malt the sugars maybe. Prob not bad but denatured some of the protein etc.



Same thing happened to me except hotter weather and the Surge never recovered...i ended up tossing it :cry:


Hmm, I'm not sure if 90 degrees is enough to make the protein denature.

In fact, I doubt that would be the case.

However, as Phil mentioned, it's hot enough to melt the sugars.

If it's useable, I'd still use it.


Nooooo I wasted beautiful Surge! (runs off crying)


Ack, this abuse of Surge brings a tear to my eye!


haha. well i've been using it and i haven't died yet so i guess its okay. its recovered a little. but i might try the muscle milk cytogainer purely for the fact that i can buy it tomorrow and it seems to be more than just a recovery drink. i've had a hard time putting on weight and i think it might help.