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Can Sumo Deadlifts Replace Conventional Deadlifts?

For someone who plans on competing. I’m thinking of switching to sumo because I’m way stronger in this position. Will I be missing anything by ditching conventional deadlifts and exclusively pulling sumo? What about over training for the quads?

The extra 4 inches of ROM are unlikely to cause overtraining.

Sumo pulls are still a posterior chain pulling movement that utilize quads slightly more than conventional deadlifts. And even that depends on how you actually lift the bar off the floor.

Competition-wise, always use your strongest stance. You can still use conventional deads as an assistance movement.


Seems like an easy decision.

Compete sumo but still train your conventional.

I’m focusing on my conventional for a while but will still compete sumo, I won’t completely remove sumo pulling ( will do it on my light days ) but my max effort work and medium work will all be conventional for the sake of bringing up my weakness which is conventional.

That will make my sumo go up.

I also train conventional and compete sumo. What I like to do is do most of my warmups in sumo and do my work sets conventional. I warm up with an 8,5,3,1,1 pattern and the last single warm up is done with conventional belted. All other warmups are sumo with no gear.

This warms up my hips/quads/hams while not tiring out the low back.