Can SubQ Increase Blood Pressure?

Greetings all,

Before I started TRT 18 months ago my blood pressure was 110/75. I was prescribed 245mg of Sustanon per week (taken E5D) injected IM and over about a year my blood pressure crept up to 140/80. Six months ago I switched to cypionate daily subq and have been reducing my dose. I have been on the equivalent of 126mg per week for the last six weeks but my blood pressure has shot up to 170/100. I even gave a pint of blood about 4 weeks ago as my haematocrit and haemoglobin were over range. I’m starting to get worried about it so I’ve just put a call in to my doctors out of hours number and I’m waiting for a call back. My question is this, has anyone seen a rise in blood pressure from going from IM to subq? I’d rather find the cause than just be put on blood pressure meds. Thanks in advance.

Will not improve blood pressure.

No. Something else is wrong with you. If you’re walking around at 170/100 you’re bordering on hypertensive crisis. You want that sorted out ASAGDP. Do you do enough LISS? That helps a lot.

Thank you for your comments. My NHS doctor told me to wait until Monday morning to see him, by which time my BP had thankfully reduced to 148/85 so I’ve not gone to see him. I’ve got an appointment with my TRT doc on Wednesday so I’m going to wait until then as he is far more helpful. I haven’t exercised for a few weeks due to work commitments but I’m going to make sure I do some LISS to see if that helps.