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Can Stipe Miocic Surpass Fedor?

If Stipe Miocic can beat Cain Velasquez, does that mean he is the GOAT?

Cain Velasquez has beat Junior Dos Santos 2x but not Werdum
Fabricio Werdum has beat Cain Velasquez and Overeem
Junior Dos Santos has beat Cain Velasquez and Fabricio Werdum
Alistair Overeem has beat Fabricio Werdum and Junior Dos Santos

Miocic has knocked out 3 of the 4 fighters above. I’ve always been a JDS fan but since Miocic beat him i’ll concede that he has a better resume than Cigano who in turn has a better resume than Cain or Werdum.

Fedor has an impressive 9 year win streak in MMA but he fought a lot of cans and was out of his prime by the time he came to Strikeforce.

IMO, it’s potentially possible for Stipe to surpass Fedor, but unlikely.

Fedor did fight a couple “cans”, but he also beat:

-Noguiera twice (while Big Nog was in his prime no less, and on the ground where Nog was most dangerous on top of that)

-Cro Cop in his prime (and out struck him no less)

-Coleman (and even though the former HW champ was not quite what he had been when he beat Severn for the UFC’s HW Belt, he was definitely still relevant and a dangerous opponent at that point in his career)

-Randleman (again, still a very dangerous opponent at that point on his career)

-Sapp (say what you want about him, but at that time Sapp was coming off a win over Big Nog and was definitely far from being a “can”, at least when it came to MMA)

-Arlovski (again, even though Andrei had lost the UFC Belt to Sylvia, he was just coming off a win vs Werdum and was still a very dangerous opponent at that point in his career)

-Sylvia (say what you will about Timmah, but the dude defended the UFC’s HW Belt as many times as anyone else has so far; perhaps this still doesn’t qualify him for top 10 HW GOAT, but he was still no joke at that point)

And the most important stat was that Fedor went unbeaten during his prime. Miocic has lost to Dos Santos and Struve in the recent past. Sure, no shame in losing to the former champ in Junio, but Struve?! To me that means he’s gonna have to defend the belt at least another 3-4 times till I’m ready to start considering him over Fedor as GOAT HW.

Just my opinion though.

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Great post I could not agree more with you.

Poor Fedor lost to Matt Mitrione of all people. I was hoping he’d have another unbeaten run before retiring for good.

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36 wins. Read that again. 33 fucking wins against almost all the top ten ppl of his generation, and the top tens from a few others.
Only guy to use the Russian hook at a high level in mma.
Finished with 10 knockouts, 17 subs, 9 decisions.
Went 30 fights unbeaten.
Has 5 losses. Stipe has 2 losses and 17 wins, 13 by knockout, 1 by sub, 3 by decision.
Stipe’s record is on the way, but it’s nowhere close. Stipe has only fought one true killer who wasn’t over the hills (dos Santos) and has a severely underdeveloped sub game.

Fedors record is bigger, longer, much more competitive, and shows he can finish you anywhere.

Plus…30 fights unbeaten. Only Renan barao has achieved that in a big division, and he fought a fuck ton of cans.
So far, NO ONE has pulled off a feat like that. It’s why fedor > Anderson in my opinion (that and a thing called the fucking ground game)

Alistair and Werdum are beasts, but their gas tank and jaw isn’t what it used to be.

And alistair still almost slept stipe.

And let’s be real…if Cain comes back uninjured, in shape, and not after two years, in not sure there’s anyone he couldn’t cardio fuck to death at HW. His last performance looked like his killer instinct is back, but you never know with AKA when they will decide to tear themselves in half, or when the money and time off make someone soft. A lot of ifs. Cain vs Stipe is a dream of mine