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Can Steroids Stunt Penis Growth?


I know they can stop your platelets from growing preventing one from reaching their full height but can they stunt penis growth? What else can they stunt besides height? Obviously im talking about if a person around the ages of 16-20 were to use them.


Generally, people in that age group shouldn't be using them.


thanks for not answering the question



Platelets and growth plates are two very different things. But yes, anabolic steroids do promote the fusion of growth plates.


No they aren't going to stop your penis from growing...lol this is a first.

If anything the increased RBC from steroids will allow more blood to enter the penis and give you a larger erection. HOW BOUT DAT!


That was probably the answer you needed to hear, regardless of the fact that it was not in response to the question you asked.

What I mean by that is, at that age, as I imagine most guys will tell you, you still have the potential to make lots of good gains without bringing steroids into the picture.


The answer is no.



Stop looking for an excuse to why you have a small penis


I must be doing something wrong, my penis shriveled up into nothing.




If a person is old enough to use anabolic steroids but his penis is inadequate, it isn't going to get any bigger with time with or without steroids. The only hope for such a person is for reincarnation to be true and to have better luck next time around.


If it does you could always get a penis pump, I have one and it works phenomenally takes my baby carrot to a mothafucking flag pole.


It's not small, it's average!!!!!!!!!


this is why in the question its stated 16-20 years old.


I don't think that changes the answer.

Maybe someone can testify to having had a small dick at 16 but an at least decent size at a later age, but I suspect that is rare, if even ever occurring at all.


Prepare for concrete erections


x2, mine has stayed the same since puberty.


wait, so did you just testify to having a small dick at 16?



No no, earlier in the thread I testified to having no penis at all.