Can Someone Review My Workout Plan?

Great question @dagill2, thanks for the tag!

Question to the OP:

How has your strength/physique progressed over the past 6 months? What is the total number of working sets on average per your usual sessions compared to the full body program?

I see you’re 5’5", and “lean-ish”. Any pics of your current physique?

@11tzfalcon - I encourage you to check out the thread @Chris_Colucci mentioned with some more folks posting about this program.

Just my .02, I think for 6 months experience and depending on where you’re coming from, the Colbert plan may potentially be too taxing if you’re not used to the volume. The workouts did always take at least 90min, I think it would be pretty much impossible to do it in less time. Consider that many exercises will require their own warm up sets. Deadlift will take a bit because it’s gonna be heavy so you’ll want to do some blood warm ups as well as muscle activation sets leading up to your first working weight. Then you’ll pretty much have to do the same thing for bench, etc.

Recovery will need to be managed as well. Being 20 certainly helps, but you’ll also want to avoid “I’m invincible” syndrome and for sure do some foam rolling either before or after, or later in the day at home or something.

It is definitely a great program and I saw positive results from it over the course of the few times I’ve run the program.

But again, given the 60min non-negotiable timeline, as well as only having 6 months experience, I may recommend a more basic bodybuilding template like this one first:


A plan like this will still provide fantastic results, should be totally feasible in an hour and will allow you to gain a better mind muscle connection. If, after running this for a few months at least, you feel like stepping up to the Colbert plan and have the time to do it, go for it.

Do not adjust the plan. If you’re gonna do the plan, do the plan.

Please post with any more questions or thoughts, happy to help.

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