Can Someone Review My Workout Plan?

Hello, been training for about 6 months doing PPL x2 and I have come across Leroy Colbalt. He favours the Full Body Workout so I am giving it a go, he said to do 6 sets per body part and to do it every other day… I have made my own plan with some tweaks. I am 20 years old, recover very well and weigh 157lbs.

Instead of 6 per body part I am doing only 3 sets for legs as mine grow very quick and some more on lagging parts like chest, back and arms. It has worked wonders so far.

Just need another view and some expert advice as I am still very new! (SS is superset just in case you wonder)

Here is my plan!

Workout 1 (chest and back focus) 1hr max workout

  1. Deadlift – 5x5 (2 warmup sets, 3 heavy load)
  2. Bench Press – 5x5 (2 warmup sets, 3 heavy load)
  3. Leg Press – 3x12
  4. Leg Curl – 3x10 SS Seated Calf Raises – 3x15
  5. Incline Hammer Chest Press – 3x8 SS Cable Fly – 3x12
  6. Rear Delt Raise – 3x8 SS Side Lateral Raise – 3x10
  7. Seated Cable Row – 3x12
  8. Dual Pulley Lat Pulldown – 3x10
  9. Tricep Pushdown – 3x10 SS EZ Bar Bicep Curl – 3x8
  10. Rope Tricep Pushdown – 3x10 SS V Bar Chinup – 25 (as many sets till you reach 25)
  11. Ab Movement – 6x12 SS Trap Movement – 3x10

Workout 2 (bicep and tricep focus) 1hr max workout

  1. Pullup – 50 (as many sets till you reach 25)
  2. Back Squat – 5x5 (2 warmup sets, 3 heavy load)
  3. Leg Curl – 3x10 SS Standing Calf Raises – 3x15
  4. Incline Dumbbell Press – 3x10 SS Incline Dumbbell Fly – 3x12
  5. Shoulder Press – 3x8
  6. Side Lateral Raise – 3x10
  7. Seated Cable Row – 3x12
  8. Close Grip Barbell Press – 3x8 SS EZ Bar Bicep Curl – 3x8
  9. Tricep Extension – 3x8 SS Overhead Cable Curl – 3x8
  10. Tricep Pushdown – 3x10 SS Seated Incline Curl – 3x10
  11. Ab Movement – 6x12 SS Forearm Movement – 3x15

Workout 3 (chest and back focus) 1hr max workout

  1. Military Press – 5x5 (2 warmup sets, 3 heavy load)
  2. Barbell Row – 5x5 (2 warmup sets, 3 heavy load)
  3. Leg Press – 3x12
  4. Leg Curl – 3x10 SS Seated Calf Raises – 3x15
  5. Flat Dumbbell Press – 3x8 SS Cable Fly – 3x12
  6. Weighted Chest Dip – 25 (as many sets till you reach 25)
  7. Side Lateral Raise – 3x10
  8. Lat Pulldown – 3x10 SS Wide Grip Cable Row – 3x12
  9. Rope Tricep Pushdown – 3x10 SS Standing Cable Curl – 3x10
  10. Tricep Extension – 3x10 SS Seated Alternating Dumbbell Curl 3x12
  11. Ab Movement – 6x12 SS Trap Movement – 3x10

11 different movements in a 1 hour workout is not going to happen.

Have you looked at any professionally written plans that achieve what you’re looking to achieve?

Also, who is this?


No, you’re not. Do the Colbert plan as-written. You’re too inexperienced to know what changes to make. That’s not a dig, that an objective look at the situation.

How tall are you?

And what’s your general bodyfat description - lean/defined, carrying some fat, very chubby, etc.?

If I had a dollar every time somebody said they avoid much leg work because their legs grow super easily, I’d have a whole bunch of dollars. If I had to give back that money when they were actually correct, I’d still have a whole bunch of dollars.

Dude. You do not need to train legs less than any other bodypart.

In no other hobby, sport, or learning situation would this justify trying to create your own plan. Unskilled cooks wouldn’t read a recipe and then be like, “Hmm, okay, but I’m just gonna change a few the ingredients and increase the temperature.”

Just… no.

There’s a reason the program specifically said “Keep the reps between 6 to 10.”

How many pull-ups can you currently do?


A famous blue bodybuilder from the 1950s. :neutral_face:


Ah, he of Eiffel65 fame

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Thank you for your quick response and honest opinion’s, in response to Chris I am 5ft 5, lean(ish) or skinny to some of you lol, slight bodyfat around waist and lower back. Legs are just what I have been told no real evidence to say I’m actually genetically gifted so yes I will take that on board. Can do 6 pullups in a row so that’s a typo, I normally do as many sets until 25 not 50! Cant find a accurate Leroy *Colbert plan, is there on on T Nation?

I have no experience at all running this type of plan so I won’t comment too much on it, other than to suggest this looks damn near impossible to achieve in the 1 hour max you’ve specified above, even with the “optimistic” targets the article lays out.

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Very valid. As per this thread - The Colbert Full-Body Workout Plan! - Robstein did the program and said sessions “always took at least 90 minutes”.

So yeah, if one hour is a necessity due to your schedule, then that’s a non-starter and picking a different (pre-written, expert-designed) program is the right choice. If the one-hour thing was supposed to maximize hormones or recovery or whatever, then understand that that’s basically a debunked non-issue as long as you’re eating properly, sleeping well, and actually following a decent training plan.


This might also help. If nothing in here really speaks to you, just do 5/3/1 or a Dan John program for 6-12 months and re-evaluate at its conclusion.

To expand a little - most of us started with bro splits or 6-day programs doing way too many things while not really getting good at anything (which is exactly what the program you’re proposing looks like). Eventually, bigger and stronger people told us to do less movements, practice them more, and get better at them. Most people on here that are successful still follow that premise. It’s not glamorous, but damn does it work. Look for ways to keep things simple, push hard, get very good at a few movements, and eat like your life depends on it. Things that fall into this category are things like 5/3/1, Dan John’s programs, and some of CT’s “busy man” programs.

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531 is the way the truth and the light. No-one comes to swoleness except through 531.


@robstein having done the plan above, would you recommend it for someone with 6 months lifting experience?

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I still am waiting to see all these guys with such outstanding leg genetics that puts Tom Platz to shame.

Biggest mistake i see when individuals follow programs of established guys. They fail too factor in at what point in the established guys training history did they used it.


Yeah, that’s right up there with guys who say “Dorian Yates didn’t squat, so I don’t either.” Except that, of course, Yates absolutely 100% DID squat for years when he began training.

New deal: Everyone is allowed to stop squatting once they hit 495x10. There. Problem solved.


I could do this in an hour if I used light weights and treated it more like cardio than lifting. If you are good to go in 30 seconds of rest, it probably wasn’t hard enough to get muscle or strength gains.

Great question @dagill2, thanks for the tag!

Question to the OP:

How has your strength/physique progressed over the past 6 months? What is the total number of working sets on average per your usual sessions compared to the full body program?

I see you’re 5’5", and “lean-ish”. Any pics of your current physique?

@11tzfalcon - I encourage you to check out the thread @Chris_Colucci mentioned with some more folks posting about this program.

Just my .02, I think for 6 months experience and depending on where you’re coming from, the Colbert plan may potentially be too taxing if you’re not used to the volume. The workouts did always take at least 90min, I think it would be pretty much impossible to do it in less time. Consider that many exercises will require their own warm up sets. Deadlift will take a bit because it’s gonna be heavy so you’ll want to do some blood warm ups as well as muscle activation sets leading up to your first working weight. Then you’ll pretty much have to do the same thing for bench, etc.

Recovery will need to be managed as well. Being 20 certainly helps, but you’ll also want to avoid “I’m invincible” syndrome and for sure do some foam rolling either before or after, or later in the day at home or something.

It is definitely a great program and I saw positive results from it over the course of the few times I’ve run the program.

But again, given the 60min non-negotiable timeline, as well as only having 6 months experience, I may recommend a more basic bodybuilding template like this one first:


A plan like this will still provide fantastic results, should be totally feasible in an hour and will allow you to gain a better mind muscle connection. If, after running this for a few months at least, you feel like stepping up to the Colbert plan and have the time to do it, go for it.

Do not adjust the plan. If you’re gonna do the plan, do the plan.

Please post with any more questions or thoughts, happy to help.

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What is your #1 goal
And if it’s physique
What does your physique look like? (Eg. Pictures)

I like the look of it on paper I guess

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Well shit, the saga continues then

A quick warm up and 2 major barbell movements already cost me close to an hour…really not sure how you’re going to put those all in under an hour.


I might just stop - as in lifting in general if I get to squat 495 x10.
Part of my brain would just wonder what else I was trying to achieve.

Also can this be copied over to the body builders aren’t strong thread? I feel it belongs there.

I saw some Kevin Hart joke where he was talking about jacked guys in the gym: “why are you still here? You won. You’re done; go home.”