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Can someone recommend a nootropic stack


I have been through the threads and have experimented with
750mg aniracetam +500mg dmae --> breakfast with fats
750mg aniracetam + 500mg dmae --> dinner with fats
--> i'm studying for SAT and AP's, they are less than a month away.
--> I haven't seen any noticeable effects in the past 2 weeks.

I don't know if i have my doses right but i want to be careful not to screw to much with brain chemistry and lose concentration.

I'm interested in adding in vinpocetine, i'm not sure dmae is a reliable way to ensure choline levels, any recommendations?


Please use the search function. There are 3 threads on this exact topic. All have the same name. Thousands of posts. Brain function booster


Ani makes me foggy, but I come out of the fog faster with "Power Drive". You might try Alpha-GPC as well. Ani doesn't do shit for concentration for me, in fact the opposite, unless I add a stimulant, especially things like adderall and or geranium extract (the later being legal in US, but not necessarily more safe).


You have to take a choline booster if you're taking a racetam.
Racetam = more brain power, which could be translated into a higher performance engine which = more gas being used.
At least this is how I view it.


Yes i've read the brain booster threads but i did not see an answer to my question.

And to add a part 2. On the ACT it is about doing problems quickly, is their any nootropic specifically geared toward processing speed?