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Can someone please suggest a diet plan to follow??

I am wondering what kind of meal plan to follow, after reading all the suggestions on this website. I am 29years old, 6ft, 202lbs at 22% bodyfat. 40"chest,16"arms,35"waist…I want to weigh 215lbs at 10-12%body fat.

What is the best way to do that?? I try to “bulk” up but I gain too much weight on my waist and nothing else increases in size. I have tried to drop the body fat percentage, but then I get everyone I know calling me skinny, and all I hear is “Are you losing weight?You look really skinny?” AAHHHH!!!
That’s the worst thing anyone can tell me!!

So where do I go from here?
Any suggestions are welcome.


Dude, there are so many diets listed in the previous issues of this magazine. Search for T-Dawg, or Fat Fast… those’d be good to lower your bf%. But there are many others, use the search engine. Thats why its there. Good luck.


So you basically want to know how to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. I’d suggest you bite the bullet and do one or the other. I personally was stuck trying to do both at one time, and it basically was just a waste of time, I didn’t go anywhere. Some people have suggested a Cyclical Ketogenic Diet for this sort of thing, but most likely that will only maintain the muscle you have while you lose the weight, but if you try it while on Androsol maybe…hey, who knows. Personally, as per JMBs recommendations, I think it’s best to cut first.

so you basically want to gain 35 lbs muscle and lose 20lb fat. i’d say pick one goal and do it. drug free you probably won’t be able to do both at the same time. i’d reccommend you break your goal down. gain 10 pounds muscle. then drop to 17% bf. gain another 10 pounds, drop bf, etc. break it down into manageble goals than can be accomplished in 2-3 months.

just wanted to say thanks for all the advice…
its appreciated

and I think Im going to strictly follow the t-dawg diet for 8 weeks, and try for the best…