Can Someone Look At My Split?

I am 188lbs and 19 yrs. old.

I weighed 157lbs last September am now at 188lbs at about 9% BF. So I’ve made some pretty nice gains. I’m looking to kick in into higher gear with a different split. I am going to do this routine for 20 weeks. It will be a 5 week cycle program with the 4 workouts attached in the picture and a 5th week which will focus on strength (not shown).

Also, though it is a 6 day split with one rest day per week, I imagine I will be taking an extra rest day every other week and maybe 5 days off after 10 weeks.

Can you all evaluate the:


exercise selection



It looks very very small

6 days of lifting is excessive. You grow out of the gym, not in.

[quote]RedMeat wrote:
6 days of lifting is excessive. You grow out of the gym, not in.[/quote]

Unless you sleep in the gym

you put on 30 pounds in 3 months?

My guess is he means the previous one, otherwise he’s got the secret to the jack and needs to tell us.

I can’t see anything…only tiny ants…

Can you post another link to see in full view?

Well done on them gains, but yeah 6 days in the gym is far too much, not unless your a pro doing muscle specific splits…which your not!

4 times a week is plenty and those spare days when your sitting around scratching your balls wondering about what to do…eat!!!

[quote]Rugby_Owns wrote:
you put on 30 pounds in 3 months?[/quote]

Yea, I was confused too, last September as in '06, or '07. Either way it’s s good accomplishment especially so young when your metablism is high enough to burn off a pound a butter a day. You’re image is to small to read.

Well until he answers I’m going to keep this bumped up and say Rugby_owns your avatar is going to give me a seizure if I look at it too long.

I’m squinting staring at the image, do you have a day soley for biceps and soley for triceps?