Can Someone Look at My Back X-Rays?

I’ve been going to a chiropractor for over a decade but just recently got new X-rays. Because I’ve been going for so long, I don’t anticipate any major improvement to what you see here. With my back in this condition, is it advisable to perform squats and deadlifts or would that type of spinal compression cause pain/injury over time? I haven’t worked out in several years because of an unrelated issue, but I’m hoping to get back into it soon with a very basic barbell program, I just don’t want to cause unnecessary damage.

Hard to say. Just going off imaging isn’t a good idea. Plenty of people with terrible looking x rays with bulges scoliosis and what not who can lift and others show no findings but are constantly in pain even outside the gym.

A movement based approach is better. Learn to stabilise the right places and practice good pain free movement patterns 24/7.

If you intend to do barbell movements make sure your technique at low load is perfect. If this is alright you can progress to some loading. Being pain free day to day is a pretty good sign too.

Getting help and guidance from a pro is always a good idea. Someone who knows what they are doing and are dedicated to helping you move well not getting repeat customers for a decade.

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No idea, -get a doc/medical professional experiencedwith weight training populations and /or contact sports to have a look

Prob best ease into it with bodyweight moves and dumbells etc, maybe a bit of machines

Maybe you should get an Ortho Doc instead of internet advice
I didn’t notice the date - maybe he got to a Dr.

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