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Can Someone Keep Fertility with Very High Testosterone Levels?

Hi everyone,

Can someone keep fertility with total testosterone levels up to 2.500ng/dl?

HCG and Clomid would keep him producing little kids or the supression caused by total testosterone is too high?

Personally, I doubt it. But I think genetics play a role in fertility in regards to AAS use.

Everyone will know someone who their wife pregnant on 1000mg of Tren and someone who cannot impregnate their wife after a short Dbol cycle.

This is my concern also. I wish to have kids in the 2 years or so but currently I’m on self-prescribed TRT (50mg/wk, very low dose but works for me). Its difficult when trying to plan holidays etc.


Hello man, here is…

I made my post here 27 days ago… after the post, I did my spermogram and it got well… I did almost 20 milion per ml, so… I kept my fertility! And this was made without using HCG or CLOMID.

I did the same exam last year, and my fertility was ok, with less count, but okay.

My doctor said the same as you, some can keep fertility with high doses, others with smaler doses, and some cannot keep it with a single shot of 50mg test per week. It’s all about genetics and a little bit balance.

hahah… just for the record… 1000mg/ w or above of REAL TREN, you’ll not be able to see your balls and forget fertility, i know this for my won experience, and I do have very good genetics for this… with 400mg week of tren I had zero spermatozoon… believe me, tren is no joke and this is for everyone, it doesn’t matter you good genetics. This stuff is used to keep cattle growing and not having sex and / or not getting pregnant. It is 100% effective in cattle, imagine us!

Just to add… I’m on around 450mg test week and 600mg boldenone. I’m doind this for the last 2/ 3 years, non stop, taking blood, etc…every 6 months I check up on blood and other things my doctor asks for. So, I’m the proof that it is possible to maintain fertility at about 1g per week, since the drugs are not super suppressive, such as trenbolone.

You’re not proof. Just because it is possible for you does not mean its possible for everyone else.

I think it would be dangerous to suggest that non-19nor’s are fine to use and still maintain fertility.


That’s not my point. The point is, as I said, for me it’s possible to maintain fertility while ON that specific drugs and doses, just it, nothing else. And that’s a proof yes… proof that what I mentioned above is possible. I didn’t said “you can use anything you want avoiding 19nor’s and you’ll be okay…” I didn’t. Some can keep fertility while others cannot, that’s the truth. But personally, even with super power GOD genetics, using high doses would be impossible to keep fertility… humanly impossible, I think, for someone doing 3/ 4/ 5 grams steroids, it would be a lot of steroids circulating and the suppression of the hpta axis would be unavoidable.