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Can Someone Help Me With This?


Hello T-Nation,

As you will see I look terrible. I need help. I am not a crying baby though. I want assistance really. I think I have a problem with insulin. I need some guidance through the process. Nothing can stop me. I am tired of being fat! I will be disciplined and follow anyone's advice as I am not friendly with the gym or the nutrition.

So please. Don't bully me. I know I am fat. I used to be a professional boxer. I am 25 I started 18 I finished 21 and since then I look like this shit. I didn't know where to post. So any admin please move me where I should be.

Ketogenic Diet is the best I know for my problem as I read of course in Cyprus nobody ever heard of it of the ones I seeked help from

Great love for the nation


You used to be a professional boxer, yet you need help on training and diet?


Coz I started young I always had a person of top of me. Then something happened and I ve stop. That is not the point here. I need advice/help/assistance/guidance. Professional as to 3 times I came 2 second place and 1 first. Then I started being stupid I got like this. Does this answer your question? I had it all prepared. Now I regret and I need assistance yes to lose all this terrible fat. I look like Mudmonster.


I think this is an excellent starting point for nutrition


As for training, you're in Cyprus, and chance you could contact Clint Darden? He is in your location, you may be able to train with him, but if nothing else, he's a great guy and could probably point you in an awesome direction. He's on facebook, has his own website, and a few other avenues for contact.


I don't want to be a dick, but if you have a problem with excess fat, you should be worrying about your food intake before you start worrying about insulin levels.


What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?


So I ate terrible thing. McDonalds. I thought it was ok, until I tried to have sex in the back of my car and couldn't. I ... I feel so ashamed. But I really need help so, Thank you guys. I need to start facing reality that I am 26 and I look like twenty shit so I really want to stop eating rubbish. And I would like to say to my defense a bit of course that I spend 8 hours researching before posting.

Thanks to Mike Demeter followed on facebook by mistake I found T Nation, so I found you guys, I used to be proud arrogant shit and mr know it all but I realized I am mr know nothing at all so yes I eat terribly and I used to be in a good form, but not coz I am smart coz someone else looked after me. but now I don't have anyone and hard to admit I know NOTHING so I need assistance please.


I think the article Th3Pwnisher posted above would be a fantastic start. Read that and apply some of the lessons to your eating. Keep a food diary for the next week, you don't have to do it forever, but a weeks worth should be enough to give you and us a good idea of where your issues are.

Lastly, don't beat yourself up so much, its no fun, and will only make the situation worse. Listen to Biggest Loser contestants intro and you'll see what I mean, they're miserable and dislike themselves because they're fat, they're fat because they eat too much and they eat too much because they're miserable and dislike themselves. It's a cycle you don't want to get trapped in.


Man you are a lifesaver. I don't know how you thought about this but its very good. I printed it. Read it 3 times


Glad I can help

"It's not where you start, it's where you finish" Dan John


Hello Guys. I followed the link Punisher sent. Thanks, already feel better. Can someone help me to schedule it so I optimize weight loss instead of losing little by little? I lost 2,1 kg.



Hello guys I did as Dagil and Punisher said. That's a good start. I lost 2.1 kgs
I am feeling great. is it possible some to help me to optimize a weight loss program using that diet?



How long did it take you to lose the 2.1kgs?


Dagill it took since I started this thread and you and punisher advised me to do this. I want to make it more powerful and not losing liquids and fat but mostly fat. I don't mind losing muscle since I am very fat in my head. But this thing I have it wrong in my head I presume so is there a way to boost this? I am doing the American Sniper training since I found it easy, but I would prefer a training that is more for cutting and more endurance.

Is it possible?


You've lost 2.1kg in less than a week, you should be very, very happy with this. Remember, these things take time.

I think the American Sniper workout is specifically designed to help gain weight (although I only skim read it about 6 months ago). Having said that, I don't think it's massively important what strength training you are doing with your goals, as long as you are doing some.


You lost 5 pounds in 4 days and you want it to be faster.... You didnt become fat and out of shape over night you worked at for about 3 years accordig to the OP. So, you are not going to be in shape over night. Day by day.


This guy is a troll


Its just that I am frustrated! I guess Reed is right! Craze9 I know I am fat. I wasn't like this really!


That's definitely a good healthy diet to adopt for the long-term. A logical next step would be to shift the majority of your carbohydrate intake into the "window" (anywhere from 1 hour before training to one hour afterward). By going low-carb for most of the day, you help restore insulin sensitivity to the muscle cells, and give them the fuel they need when they need it. At any other time, you're most likely just feeding your fat stores.

Another thing I've been studying on recently is fructose. Long story short; keep it well under 100g/day. The only organ that can use it is the liver, and ALL excess goes to fat; mostly visceral (heart attack fat) and love handles. Dextrose and dextrins (chains of dextrose) are what you want. Dextrose can be used by all tissues of the body. So as a quick guide:

table sugar is 50% fructose
HFCS is 55% fructose (sodas, bottled gatorade, etc.)
Sugar in fruits is ~50% fructose (a medium sized apple contains about 10g)
Use these sparingly. Very sparingly. I try to keep my fructose intake to <25g/day

All starches are dextrins. There is no fructose in any starch. Powdered gatorade uses dextrose as a sweetener. Potatoes, pastas, oats, and anything else starchy is fair game. Muscle fuel. I use pure dextrose in my peri-workout drink and it works wonders.
Just remember to consume the majority pretty close to your workouts to put it to the best use.