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Can Someone Help Me Out?

So, i was feeling down, tired, lost interest in working out, i was waking up 3-4 times during the night, so i went in and told the doctor i thought i had Low T. He didn’t want to test me, but i told the nurse to make him test me because i honestly thought thats what i have, even thought at 19 it’s not common. Needless to say he tested me, and my hunch was right. My levels are 1.9 out of a scale of (9-30) and my Total was 74 out of… 200 - 800 i beleive. Somewhere in the range of there. I’m scheduled to see an endoctronologist on the 19th, but in the meantime he first perscribed me androgel. I took it, and it made me even more depressed, and gave me headaches that wouldn’t go away. They took me off of it and gave me my first Testosterone injection today. They gave it to me in my Upper arm, which i thought they always gave it in the leg or buttocks, and want to see how it works for a month. Just kind of curious, if someone thats had experience on this stuff could mentor me in what i should all tell my doctor on what i should take along with the shots (if it becomes a regular thing) Or do you guys think the Endoc. Will set me up with everything i need. Thanks alot!

Read the stickeys…please don’t dumb down the board and expect to be handled everything…once you have some questions, we will help you out, but you have to put in some effort on the front end…