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Can Someone Help Me Lose Weight?

Okay … Im looking for alot of advice… I want to lose wieght and bulk up and be ripped as hell i just got my membership to the gym tonight and i need some help on a strict diet to follow through it…

My goal is to be alittle tone by my birthday which is nov. 20th. Here is a pic of what i looked like back in july im bout the same size… I weigh in at 240lbs as of now… I use to box for bout a year but never could lose wieght or gain muscle mass … If someone could help me that would be great.!!! i willing to do anything!

My best advice…www.precisionnutrition.com

Also read the Beginner Thread at the top of the Beginner Forum.

watch panik’s avatar for 45 minutes a day to bring up your heart rate, then watch the fat melt away

Hi there,

Use the Search engine to find the articles on Super Foods, Foods that make you look good Nekkid, and the T-Dawg diet. The Beginners forum will have a lot of articles for you. Learn the basics first. Eat clean, eat 4-6 times a day, eat carbs in the morning, never eat fats and carbs together, have protein with every meal.

You can’t bulk and get lean at the same time. Pick a goal. Read some posts by Professor X. He makes a good argument where someone at your age should focus on putting on the muscle while following good nutrition. Build the muscle which will burn the fat THEN after you are a huge and powerful very muscular guy THEN lean out.

If you want to drop weight, then you need to keep calories up, build more muscle and don’t become a cardio junkie. Try some HIIT.

mostly, eat clean, get the work in, keep a food log, and be consistent.

Look at the stickies @ the top of this forum. Pick a workout template (I’d go with a total body three times a week) and be fanatical about it for a bit (at least a month and a half, then consider temporarrily switching just to keep your body guessing and adapting).

Get your eating in order and focus on a healthy effort to gain muscle. Essentially you should be eating ~6 times per day. Get most of your carbs from veggies (some from fruits), eat protein at every meal, and make sure you’re getting the proper fats (nuts, fishoils, flax, etc are sources).

Your general aim if you’re working for next November should be to spend most of that time adding muscle. Once you’ve succeeded in that you can think about getting leaner (it’ll be easier by then too, and initially you’ll probably lean out a bit anyway whilst you focus on muscle gaining).

Poke around the stickies and use the search because the basics are already well laid out. Good luck. A couple years ago I looked similiar to you in those pictures and while I wouldn’t describe myself today as “bulked up and ripped as hell” I do look far better, feel far better, and live far better for having taken up sensible eating and exercise.

Depending on your genetics, effort, consistency, resources, and definitions of “bulked” and “ripped” you may or may not achieve the look you want for late November. You might find your ideas of both get more… extreme… as you continue. When I began I’d have considered a guy with arms/shoulders like mine are today to be pretty muscular. Now I look at my whole body and think I could be so much more.

I agree with above great info and take steps put things to ACTION make small changes make them Hasbit then add another. start by simply eating a bit cleaner and training then slowly add things as you get in the HABIT and get consisatnt just doing things will make a huge change if you change EVERYTHING odd are you will end up like the other 99% that do this BIG change every year at new years you’ll bust ass for a few weeks hate bit do to allthe changes and quit.

make steps bro and be consistant for YEARS.

Go for the " Seven habits" article slowly nail those and pick a solid program once you have those then slowly progress.