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Can Someone Help me Delete Old Posts?


Ah I see. Thanks. I’m pretty surprised that people are worried about others going through the trouble of searching for steroid users on an online forum? I honestly didn’t think that was a thing.


Jfallon’s Mum was googling him online because he wasn’t meant to be lifting at all and his log comes up when you google so he’s gone for now


I’m not one to judge how other people raise their kids, but fuckin seriously? You’re so concerned about your 15yr old son working out that you start trying to google detective his training log?


its honestly fucked man. r.i.p @jfallon9 :frowning:


Hi, may I please have all my posts deleted on this site?
I would like to delete my account as well. How can we make this happen?

Thank you very much


Could you delete a post of mine as well?