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Can Someone Help me Delete Old Posts?


Ah I see. Thanks. I’m pretty surprised that people are worried about others going through the trouble of searching for steroid users on an online forum? I honestly didn’t think that was a thing.


Jfallon’s Mum was googling him online because he wasn’t meant to be lifting at all and his log comes up when you google so he’s gone for now


I’m not one to judge how other people raise their kids, but fuckin seriously? You’re so concerned about your 15yr old son working out that you start trying to google detective his training log?


its honestly fucked man. r.i.p @jfallon9 :frowning:


Hi, may I please have all my posts deleted on this site?
I would like to delete my account as well. How can we make this happen?

Thank you very much


Could you delete a post of mine as well?


Can u delete all my post please.


Could you delete all my posts?


We don’t typically delete threads once they’ve been replied to because it’s rude to the members who took the time to reply. If you want your pictures taken down, that’s no problem.

It’s good that you ask questions, but sometimes you might not get the answers you’re expecting and you might not like the advice you hear, but… that’s life.


What is this…:laughing::laughing:


Ya take the pics down and dw I’m not gonna cycle


All set. Good to hear. Still a good idea to stick with the forum for training/nutrition info.


I don’t see an issue with it. If I tell my son not to do something, he tells me he’s not doing it, and I suspect he’s lied to me, you’re damn straight I’ll be open to checking the internet to find out. I’ll entertain any discussion with my son as he grows up, but I won’t tolerate lies.

I would imagine that this kid’s mom is concerned with how he’s doing in school, and that’s why he’s not supposed to be lifting. If he’s telling his mom he’s going somewhere to study or something like that, and he’s lifting weights instead, AND POSTING ABOUT IT IN PUBLIC FORUMS, he’s getting exactly what he deserves.


Or talking about AAS use…
My mother would have slapped the taste out of my mouth and I would have deserved it.


was he doing that too? what a fucking dum dum.


He’s still here. I am pretty sure you have helped him in his log before.

But I don’t remember the AAS use.


Can my account please be deleted? Thanks in advance for help.


@Mod_Phoenix @Mod_Starr Can you delete my account please. Thanks.


Hello mods,

Request to delete my old threads. They’re stupid questions and not really applicable anymore I have it figured all out. Also I don’t want to start a training log yet, a bit later. Also this thread I guess haha. Want my account to be a clean slate lol

Thanks guys


@Chris_Colucci @Mod_Starr @Mod_Phoenix