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Can Someone Explain This ME Rotation?

Here�??s one plan you could follow or tweak to make work for you. (This is very similar to my squat training.)

Max effort cycle

Week 1: 5RM

Week 2: 5RM (add 5�??10 lbs for bench and 10�??20 lbs for squat/pull)

Week 3: Heavy single (not a 1RM but I�??d guess around 80�??85%)

Week 4: Deload (your weight should be 20�??50 lbs lighter than your number from week 1)

Week 5: 3RM (add 5�??10 lbs or 10�??20 lbs from your number in week 2)

Week 6: 3RM (add 5�??10 lbs or 10�??20 lbs from week 5)

Week 7: Heavy single (add 5�??10 lbs or 10�??20 lbs from week 3)

Week 8: Deload (same as the deload in week 4)

Repeat as necessary

Max effort bench day

  1. ME bench (choose four full range of motion exercises and rotate each week)

  2. Rows, 5 X 5�??10

  3. Upper back/rear delts, 5 X 10�??15

  4. Biceps, 5 X 10

  5. Triceps, 5 X 10

Max effort squat/deadlift day

  1. Squat

  2. Deadlift (choose four deadlift variations and rotate each week)

  3. Weighted back raises 5 X 10

  4. Weighted abdominal work, 5 X 10

Follow the rep scheme that I posted above with your ME bench, ME squat, and ME deadlift work.

copied off of: http://www.elitefts.com/documents/getting_ready.htm

The part that I’m trying to understand is the variations for bench and deadlift. I’m new to powerlifting, and am trying to discern how, if you rotate your exercises every week, you keep track of progress. Am I supposed to pull from the floor week 1, do elevated pulls week 2, rack pulls week 3, and Sumo-DLs week 4? Then repeat the rotation? I’m not understanding how to properly keep track of progress with something like this. Can anybody elaborate for me?