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Can Someone Explain the Difference?


"The name of the novel anabolic compound is Carbolin 19. The actual chemical name is colforsin 1,9-ethylcarbonate. Carbolin 19 is a carbonate ester of a naturally occurring diterpene called colforsin (aka, forskolin). Don't even begin to confuse this material with an herbal extract of Coleus forskohlii! We're using a carbonate ester of pure colforsin, which means it's a highly pure, single compound."

I've seen that forskolin = colforsin and that coleus forskholli = forskolin

This paragraph contradicts that.

So whats the difference between these 2/3 compounds? Is there any?


HOT-ROX uses Carbolin 19 and it works. I've never used Carbolin 19 on its own but user's here have said it also works. The best way to try these theories out is to try them for yourzelf, try using both and see which one perform best.

There is no better way for an answer.


I don't see a contradiction.


It says dont confuse it with forskohlli, but forskohlli is forskolin according to everything i've read... and this says that Carbolin 19 is aka forskolin, yet not forskohlli...

"...Well I just, I really gotta get a job..."


No, it says that Carbolin 19 is "Forskolin carbonate."

Reading comprehension is a wonderful thing.


They are saying that they took forskolin, isolated it, transformed it to the carbonate ester (a simple chemical reaction) and are selling this carbonate ester version as a more potent version (aka Carbolin 19)


thanks avery