Can Someone Explain SSL?

I have read Beyond but it doesn’t explain SSL. Do you not do AMRAP in final set if doing SSL as supplemental ? I am weightlifting to build bone density so need to lift as much as possible at higher intensity, hence why prefer do SSL rather than FSL. Am in Europe so waiting for E- version of Forever book as think this might explain how to use SSL . Or does the original book 2nd edition explain ?
Been doing amrap set and then just 3 sets of SSL but saw something that said shouldnt be doing amrap.

That is never going to be released. Jim has said as such. Hardcopy only.

Try 5s progression for a few cycles and PR sets or jokers for a few and see which works best for you

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Bar the Strength challenge in the Beyond book, none of the templates provided suit my goals( I don’t want full body ,nor boring but big options). I’m having to get most info from forums and my brain is rattled . Eg can I do jokers with 5s pro ? But don’t do AMRAP with 5s pro.
Have just started a cycle with SSL so will finish that. Is it only recommended to do one cycle with SSL?
Can I do AMRAP with SSL? In strength challenge, there is amrap with SSL for one cycle so it does seem to be an option.

Hopefully he starts selling the hard copy of forever on Amazon UK so I can buy.

Why amazon? He ships to the uk. @dagill2 bought the book and is in the UK


Postage likely cost as much as the book. On Amazon get free postage . Plus it could take a month to arrive from US and wanted to start a cycle asap. I was hoping to try it for a year and see if my bone density increased Vs when did a standard powerlifting program.
I went through my notes from beyond and I can try the rule of 10 next( from beyond).That also has lifts at higher intensity.
Is 5s pro only in Forever?

He first wrote about it in Beyond. Its all over his website too

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Cost me about £50 including shipping, from memory. Took a while to get here, but that was at the height of Coronavirus. I’m a tightwad and i still think it was money well spent.


Thanks. Just checked Beyond. It’s called Advanced routine in this, never realised it was 5s pro.
I’ve had coach for 4 years of lifting, never had to program for myself so definitely getting a bit over analytical and overwhelmed with all the info.

So does anyone know if can do AMRAP sets before SSL supplemental?
I don’t know if 531 is optimal for helping to maintain my strength as I get older. I definitely won’t be increasing my strength any more so not sure if constantly resetting my TM and lifting less sets at high intensity is best for my bones.Upto now, I’d be lifting 5 or 6 sets about 70% of true 1rm most sessions so I’m not convinced lifting 1 or 2 sets at this a session will be as effective.

Dude, I gotta say: you approach this weird.

You are an adult human. You have full autonomy here. You need no ones permission to lift weights.

Try it. Give it a go for a few cycles and see how you respond

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Ok I was just concerned as egJim advocates not doing amrap sets with 5s pro .
Im in a race against time to stop my bones deteriorating, every month is a potential net gain of 0.5% bone density so I can’t afford to experiment .It’s good news if I can do what I want after the basic three 5/3/1 sets . I’ll do as much high intensity sets as I can tolerate .
Thanks for letting me know this.
I’ll continue with my amrap and SSL for as many cycle as I can and see if have maintained strength and am injury free

This is always the case my dude. The only consequence is learning.

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It’s not 5s PRO if you use AMRAP.

Regardless of terminology, try it and see what happens. That’s really the crux of this.

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I’m not doing 5s pro- doing SSL with amrap.
I had a nose dive in hormones and corresponding loss of strength/recovery in the last 2 months so am having to relearn what my body is capable from scratch. It sucks

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Also buying directly from Jim ensures that he gets all of the profits, instead of splitting it with Amazon. He also runs sales on his site all the time!

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EDIT: Deleted my original post. I didn’t read all the posts and made assumptions.

I will say though that I really doubt the few extra kgs from SSL instead of FSL is going to increase your bone density.

That’s why I’m unsure if 531 is even the best program for me. Ideally I’d have majority of my sets above 70% of actual 1rm. I’ve gained density doing multiple sets of squats etc above this percentage( bar deload weeks ). With 531 unless do jokers, I might have 1 set of squats a week on average above 70% .iIl do for the next few months while I recover from an injury and in meantime look at other programs suitable for an older lifter

Training for strictly bone density is about the weirdest damn thing I’ve ever heard of

Yeah, obviously bone density is not an end in and of itself, but is a means to an end. Nobody knows why you want to train bone density but I can assure you everyone’s thinking “I don’t know why he wants to train bone density so I won’t comment on it, but I have a feeling that’s not really what he needs”.

Obviously you didn’t come here to debate what you should or shouldn’t be doing, but maybe if we knew why you want to improve your bone density, you might get some interesting suggestions.

Doesn’t the mere fact that a person lifts weights increase bone density???
What degree of improved bone density might a person want to achieve? And to what end?

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