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Can Someone Critique this Program?


Hi guys!Firstly I'd like to say I am a big fan of this forum.It has been a great source of inspiration for me.For a while now I haven't been following a specific program but more so using a split routine and adding in few compound movements and some isolation for that bodypart.Here it goes anyway.

Benchpress 5x5 or floorpress 5x5[Alternating]
Incline dumbell press 5x5
dumbell flyes 3x12
close grip bench 5x5
barbell curl 5x5

barbell overhead press 5x5
dumbell shrugs 3x10
waiters walks[distance varies but usually 40mx4]

Deadlift 5x5
bent over barbell row 5x5
farmer walks[same distance as waiters usually]
dumbell hammer curls or normal dumbell curls

Barbell squats 5x5 or 20 rep squats
Barbell good mornings 5x5
{sometimes high rep overhead press work here}

Back to workoutA.

Basically my logic was to add in good compound movements but at the same time throw in some isolation movements aswell.I'd really like some second opinions on this.The reason I didnt attach a day to them to them was that I tend to do one every day in order then day one day off to recover then rinse and repeat.

Thanks in advance.




Dude, except for deadlifts and barbell rows, you aren't pulling at all, and I'm not even sure if deadlifts really count as a pull. You need to add way more back exercises and cut out some of the chest shit. Throw in some weighted chinups and wide-grip pullups, along with maybe some seated rows and rear-delt flys. Plus, you've got yourself doing biceps curls at the end of a super heavy chest day, but then the very next day you start out with heavy shoulder presses. You should try to get in all pressing movements in one day and all pulling movements on another day and do legs inbetween.

There's all sorts of splits you can do, but press/legs/pulls is pretty easy to grasp. Or try this: legs (squats and deadlifts, plus a third leg move), chest/tris, rest, upper back/bis, and legs again (front squats and sumo deadlifts, plus a third move). I'd recommend this split. You can still go heavy as shit on upper back and chest days this way, plus because you'll be doing two different sets of exercises for legs/lower back, you should be able to recover from day one to go hard on day five. Besides that, the rear-chain muscles that are worked during squats or box squats, deadlifts, front squats and sumo deadlifts are capable of handling a much higher workload than your chest or upper back.

Because of this, you should be putting more emphasis on these muscles, while striving to find some sort of balance between the push/pull days. Theoretically, you should be pulling for at least 1.5 times as many reps as you push. Just do the same sets/reps for upper back as you do for chest, but add an extra set of 12 or 15 at the end of each upper back move.


thanks for the reply!Your right I don't really have enough pulling movements.I think i will ditch the waiters walk crap and just stick to the basics.


artw covered several points already, but allow me to step back and ask this: Are you trying to design a body building program? Body part splits, like this, are great for advanced body builders, but this type of program would be inadequate for someone who needs fat loss, or someone that needs to get into lifting first.

Tell us a bit about your goals and your lifting history so that we can help you out some more. Also include your height, weight, sex, age and bf%.


good mornings
leg curls


Benchpress 5x5 Don't alternate. Pick one or the other
Incline dumbell press 2x12
dumbell flyes 2x12
barbell curl 1x8 1x15

leg press
leg ext

Lat pulldown/chinup 3x8
BB rows 5x5
Kroc rows 2x15
close grip bench 2x8


Sorry for the late reply.Well I suppose It just evolved from a full body workout similar to stronglifts 5x5 but I wanted to work in a few isolation exercises in there aswell.I have been lifting for about two years so not a very long time.

My goal is to get bigger and stronger.Im 18,male ,6foot and I vary between 12.5 and 13 stone.Bodyfat wise I dont know but I am lean without having visible abs.For so long I had been 11.5 stone but since the past two years with constant eating I'm slowly changing it.The goal for me is to look like I lift if that makes any sense?

My diet changes from day to day but the goal is to get in alot of calories coming from protein ,carbs and fats.I like cottage cheese,lots of milk,peanut butter,steak,chicken etc and I'm definatly not one of those guys in fear losing their abs.Ha for example I needed to pick something up in the city yesterday and over the coarse of a 5 hour period I milled through a subway sandwich,burger king angus burger,diner burger,oreo malt,bottle of cola,half a litre of water and two snickers.Its rarely that fat laden but damn I love my food.

Any comments good,bad or indifferent I would love to hear them.

thanks in advance


A stone is 14 pounds right? If you're looking to gain weight then just stick with it, you won't see results over night.


yep thats correct!12.5 stone which is what i tend to hover around is 175 pounds.


This workout isn't very good at all.

Here's what I noticed straight away
- 15 sets of benching on workout A
- Shoulder pressing the next day...wtf? Weren't 15 sets enough?
- Squat workout directly after deadlift workout. gg lower back.
- You want to add even more pressing in your squat workout?!

There are more problems but this is enough to ditch this one.

Try this and your shoulders will be screwed within months. Instead of designing your own program, use a proven one written by a coach who actually knows how to design programs. WS4SB or Cressey's Maximum Strength are good starting points.


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