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Can Someone Critique My Diet?

Hey, long time reader first time poster. I am currently 18 years old, 210 and 14% BF. My goal is to get down to about 9,10. I lift with a trainer 2x week and do about 30 min of interval cardio 5-6x a week. I just got back on my plan after a really bad holiday, my diet looks like this

Breakfast: 1 bowl high fiber high protein ceral mixed with 1 serving flaxseeds. 1 peanut butter sandwich w/ whole wheat bread and natural peanut butter. On lifting days i’ll have a Metabolic Drive shake
Apple or orange and 2 fish oil capsuls

Peanut butter sandwich or metrx protein bar

Lunch (School lunch is awful so i wait till i get home)
2 soy chicken patties, whole wheat bread, 1 large salad


Post-workout: Grow shake

Dinner: Either chicken, steak, or fish with vegetables and salad

Either cheese or nuts

Plus, tons of water during the day

Any suggestions? Right now, I would like to be about 195. I am a pretty big guy, so I am not trying to bulk up, just to maintain the muscle i have. I will be playing golf collegiately D1 next year, so I dont want to get too bulky. Thanks a lot this site is beyond helpful

Replace soy chicken with chicken chicken :slight_smile:

Drink some redbull…it gives you wings.