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Can Someone Check this Over?

This is a little long, but here it goes. I have been a long-time member/reader/lurker here. I really dont post often. Over my time here I have learned a lot and made decent progress. Now I am getting ready to retire and have about 5 to 6 pretty solid months with a fairly clear calendar. I am looking to make the most of this time.

I am looking at 2 a day workouts based upon the Serge Nubret Pump Training and supplementing with Plazma and Indigo (maybe MAG-10) to aid recovery. I have used Anaconda and loved it.

I would like to get a few knowledgeable people to look this over and help me tweak it as necessary so that I can make the best use of my time. I am looking at starting the 2nd or 3rd week of May. I will start a training log when I get started up.

A little about me: I am 43 years old (44 next month), 5 ft 9 inches tall, about 200lbs and no real idea of body fat. My smart-assed electronic scale usually puts me in mid to high 20s for body fat. I have a few injuries I work around (lumbar disk/arthritis issues, mild shoulder and elbow issues).

My goals are to gain some size and basically look good on a tropical beach once I retire (I know that is general as hell…how about drop some body fat and gain 15 pounds…to start?).

Hip/belt squat 8 x 12
Leg extension 8 x 12
Summersault squat 8 x 12 (I have NO quad sweep and thought I would see if these could force some)
30 minute run (time permitting) (I donâ??t run fastâ?¦â?¦but at least itâ??s not far)

Hammer Strength bench 8 x 12
Pec-dec 8 x 12
Incline DB press 8 x 12
Close grip bench 8 x 12

Chin-up/Pull-up 6 x 8 - 12
Lat pull-down 8 x 12
Cable rows 8 x 12
Meadowâ??s rows 6 x 12

Glute-ham raise 8 x 12
Laying leg curl 8 x 12
Calf raise 8 x 12
Sled push (Time permitting)

Standing DB over-head press 6 x 12
Alternate front raise 6 x 12
Bent over cable flyâ??s 6 x 12
Cable lateral raise 6 x 12

Cable curl 8 x 12
Triceps push-down 8 x 12
EZ bar curl 8 x 12
Close grip bench 8 x 12

Monday â?? A
Tuesday â?? B
Wednesday â?? C
Thursday â?? A
Friday â?? B
Saturday and Sunday â?? active recovery/conditioning
Monday â?? C
Tuesday â?? A
Wednesday â?? B
Thursday â?? C
Friday â?? A


Daily Diet Schedule

0600 breakfast (usually oatmeal with coconut oil and flax seed)
0745 Pre-load Plasma/Indigo
0800 AM workout â?? peri-workout Plasma
1000 protein drink or MAG-10
1100 snack
1200 lunch
1400 snack
1515 Pre-load Plasma/Indigo
1530 PM workout â?? peri-workout Plasma
1700 protein drink or MAG-10
1830 supper
2000 snack
2100 protein drink
2200 bed