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Can Somebody Help Me Figure Out What's Going On?


Here is a list I sent to the Dr asking for help. I know it sounds assholish but I want to shock the Doc into helping me.

Iâ??ve been having several problems for almost three years and they slowly seem to get worse.

I have erectile dysfunction. Various types and degrees. Iâ??ve had times where 100mg of Viagra had zero effect probably cause I wasnâ??t turned on. I have been told my erection issues are most likely performance anxiety but it happens even if Iâ??m by myself.

I have developed premature ejaculation. This was never an issue from the ages of 16-41

I have virtually no libido. I had pretty much sex or orgasm once a day from 16-41. Now I can go a month without sex or masturbation and really not be that antsy even in the fourth week.

My hair started thinning in July. My whole life Stylists have had to actually thin my hair when I go in. Now I find it on my pillow.

Iâ??m always cold or get cold easy. Constantly turning off AC in friends cars getting on my children about not wearing coats. Example last week the heat was at 65 in the house. I had on boxers, sweat pants, socks, slippers, tshirt, long sleeve pajama shirt, fleece zip up jacket, thermal fleece toboggan, a fleece throw and a laptop on me for hours and I was perfectly comfortable for hours. My nose and ears feel cold a lot.

I get tired easy. If I go shopping for 4 hours Iâ??ll come home wore out in the afternoon and want a nap very often.

Iâ??m having a hard time getting into shape. This has never been an issue before. Iâ??m weaker than ever before in my life past the age of 15 despite working out harder than I have in the last 20 yrs.

I have little interest in other women. Iâ??m not aggressive at all anymore. If I saw an attractive woman I had to have her I had to meet her and would go to great lengths to. Now Iâ??ve had very attractive women show and flat out offer sex and I seem just as excited to go to Mcdonaldâ??s than to be bothered just driving to their house. This is not normal for me!!!!

Iâ??m having a hard time getting turned on or excited. I donâ??t mean erection. I mean that excited feeling prior to or during foreplay. Again this happens even if alone. I quit looking at porn over a year ago and might only use it for stimulation once a month or every 60 days. I might as well be watching Thomas The Tank Engine.

On my libido/excitement I can have sex probably once or twice a week but I force myself to do it. Iâ??d describe it as not having much appetite and thinking towards the end of the day, I really should eat something not my god Iâ??m ravished. Again not normal for me.

I need help. This has cost me two relationships since it happened. Iâ??ve been told by friends that I seem less enthusiastic about everything. Iâ??m definitely less social.

The VA keeps telling me itâ??s all mental probably but a person knows when something is off.

I was a college football player. At 5â??11â?? I played at 220 with 15% body fat. I ran a 4.6 second 40. I bench pressed 400lbs and could dunk a volleyball. I could have sex 16 times in 24 hours. I was highly attracted to women. Heck I wouldnâ??t even lose my erection post orgasm. These are not normal numbers for any man 18-28. They are elite I believe these attributes mean Iâ??m a high testosterone individual. My normal could easily be 900 and at 400-500 Iâ??m running on half. This is what it feels like to me.

The last time I was somewhat normal my T was at 640+ but even then I was having some issues. That was 4 years ago.


Just make sure that you’re not exaggerating too much lol. BRAVO on the sex 16 times in 24 hours if true :stuck_out_tongue:


Your symptoms sound like they include low T. But low-T is a symptom. The causes are the issue.

You are describing a degree of [subclinical] hypothyroidism or low thyroid function. Thyroid problems can lower T levels.

You did not clearly state how long ago this problem seemed to start. There could have been a slow decline and a more abrupt phase of your symptoms. 4 years?

Did you stop using iodized salt? [when?]
Check the label(s) on the salt that you use.
There is no useful amount iodine in sea salt, or specialty salts unless the container states iodized.
If you are iodine deficient, others in your house probably are as well. Anyone else cold?

fT4 [please not T3, T4]
fasting glucose
fasting cholesterol

Please read these stickies:

  • advice for new guys >>>> need to know more about you<<<<
  • thyroid basics
  • things that damage your hormones

To eval your overall thyroid function:

  • check oral body temperature [and others in your home who might be iodine deficient]
    – when you first wake up
    – AND in the mid-afternoon

Is your thyroid:

  • sore or achy, difficultly swallowing
  • enlarged
  • asymmetrical
  • lumpy
    Are your eyebrows sparse at the outer ends?
    Dry skin?
    Hair falling out - yes [since when?]
    Feel cold easily -yes [since when?]

Have you used any hair loss drugs? When? How long?

Please answer questions then start reading the stickies [there are 7 total].