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Can Slin Pins Be Used for IM Test Injections?

I am using a 23 guage needle, and while I have no problems, a smaller needle is always welcome.

Slin pins for IM anyone in the QUADS?

27ga 1/2" easy touch in the delts was what I did when I tried IM. Since we are in the T replacement you are not talking cycling doses so I would give that a try. A 10 pack of these syringes are about 2 bucks.

27ga i assume is the slin pin?

Sorry I am not up with the latest lingo. when you say slin do you mean Insulin? If no then no.
The syringe I recommended is a Insulin syringe.

slin and insulin pin same I think? Or is my needle science a little rusty.

I don’t know. Give the easy touch in the delts a try you will never go back to 23’s

I use 29g daily. I’ve used up to 31 as well. Works fine, but 29 is a little quicker.

I could not get a 28 ga to work with my T cyp in grapeseed oil. 27’s draw and shoot room temp T cyp in less than 30 seconds.

I currently use 29gx1/2” insulin syringes for IM injections in delts, and quads.