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Can Skinny Bastards Consume Too Much Protein?


Right, I'm trying to bulk up now and see I only weight 136 pounds, and in eating the amount of food I need to gain weight, I'm consuming 220-250g of protein, heck sometimes probably more.

Now that's way off the recommended 1.5g/kg I hear and read from "experts" all the time, even nearly twice the amount that bodybuilders usually recommend (1g/lb).

I don't go out of my way to eat so much protein, its just that as a consequence of eating 6-7 meals a day with a protein source in each, the protein just racks up. I'm eating plently of carbs and fats, but I still ocassionally read that nagging line from experts who say "too much protein will just lead to fat gain and its a waste to eat so much protein blah blah".

That's the thing I'm most concerned about, is it a "waste"? Would it better be used in eating more carbs, which seem paradoxical as John Berardi more or less recommends no starchy carbs aside from breakfast, PWO, etc... as THIS can lead to fat gain as well....

So should I cut down the protein and just eat more carbs? My fat intake is fine, and if I had to increase something else it would be carbs, although I feel I am eating enough as part of my diet (I'm gaining about a pound a week so I take it my kilojoule intake is OK).

I guess my question comes down to a discussion about, when one is eating sufficient Kcals to gain weight and adequate fat and protein, would the "excess" calories be better off as protein or carbs? I've read conflicting views and frankly, as a ignorant person in regards to the mechanics of food and dieting, I would like a good T-Nation response. :slight_smile:


At 136, you could stand to gain some fat. That is, unless you're 4'9.

You said you're getting your 5-6 meals in with enough protein. Just keep working out and you'll be fine.


mate at 136lbs (61-62kgs) I seriously wouldnt worry about any of that except overall calories.. . excess protein is the least likely of all macronutrients to be turned into fat so if your able to get allmost 2 times bodyweight of the stuff then more power to you.. .

I think at your weight you could really pile on the carbs and gain steadily for quite awhile.. . so long as your consuming protein with each meal you could add a significant amount of carbs from liquids as well (milk, juice) to help bump up the total cals.

also watch your training.. . the more you train the more youll need to eat to gain weight. ..

Im going to assume your a beginner so dont fret this stuff.. . just eat and lift.. . when I first started I managed to put on about 10kgs of muscle with one of the worlds shittiest eating and workout plans.. . I am also not huge or genetically gifted so Im sure youll be able to no problem. ..


5'3 actually :smiley: