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Can Shoulder Immobility Be a Cause of Pain, as Well as a Symptom?

For about 20 years I’ve had a slight twinge at the back of my shoulder, just under the rear delt. I got it from a misspent youth doing upright rows with absolutely crazy form, and remember that day when I felt something go crunch. After that , washing my hair was an actual pain, especially as back then I had so much more hair LOL. I left training for a year and let the shoulder rest/heal.

I’ve since trained around it, MRI back in 2010 said all clear except a slightly inflamed bursa, PT had me to engage my scapular, which had gotten lazy, and recently the last 6 months, got my RC’s up to scratch while I took a couple of years off.

Anyway, cut to the present day I noticed my left (the old injury site) is still somewhat weaker than the right, but both sides are strengthening rapidly. I’ve also done Neer’s test and a few other online tests, they check out, it’s not an impingement (which usually presents on the front of the shoulder). However, when I sleep sometimes the pain ghosts me, or carry a heavy bag for distances with my left, the pain is fleeting and not enough to make me wince, but enough to whisper sinisterly, “I’m still here, don’t go back to the gym MWAHAHAH!” :slight_smile:

Any ideas what else it could be? Apart from something esoteric like a trapped or a out-of-position nerve, only thing I can think of is shoulder inflexibility, I can’t touch my fingers behind my neck (one hand over the shoulder, the other under).

Thanks all !