Can/Should I Redo the "Get Vertical" Program?

Hey Thib,

Ive been using your Get Vertical program, after gaining some strength on the Type 1B Training program at the start off the year, with great results. Gained a full inch on my standing vert which is pretty rare, because Im fast and strong, but always sucked at jumping high besides doing it since my early childhood (long femurs/short tibia arent the best for jumping hahaha)

After that I did 2 months of almost no lifting at all, focusing on sprinting and bounding as well as some upper body hypertrophy. Now I want to either get some strength back on PBT2 / the old Type 1b training program or directly start a new cycle of the vertical program.

What do you think would the the right choice after a longer time without strength training?

The PBT2 (or the first one) are awesome choices that will get you stronger and also continue to increase your speed and power.

However, they are very hard programs so it might be best (since you have been away from lifting) to do 2-3 weeks of introductory training prior to embarking on the PBT.

Something like lifting 3 days a week:

Power clean

On all sessions but using submaximal loads for 5ish reps per set (with a weight you could do 8 reps with), really focusing on technique.

I would do some lower intensity jumping at the beginning of each session.

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Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge!

I will start next week doing that for 2 weeks to get back into lifting and will do PBT2 after that.

Have a great weekend. Thank you and many greetings from Germany!