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Can/Should I Do Cypionate and Clomid at Once?


I want to do 100mg Cypionate every week, but I don't want my nuts to shrink or kill my sperm production. I have a Rx for Clomid (50mg pills).

Will Clomid do what I'm looking for?
What dosage should I use?
Can I use Clomid long term?


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Clomid or Nolvadex. Clomid makes a few feel horrible, Nolvadex does not. You want small doses. Try 10-12mg ED or EOD. You can check LH/FSH to see whats going on. High LH can easily drive a lot of T-->E2 inside the testes - which anastrozole cannot manage. hCG also will do what you want and is a natural human hormone, not a 'drug'.