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Can Ronnie Do It? - Olympia Thread


It isnt until tomorrow night, but lets go ahead and get the ball rolling until the big event. Predictions, pics, vids, whatever you want... Heres the thread for it.

Lets try not to have any "who cares" comments or anything like that. This is a bodybuilding site and this is our main event, and even if some of you dont care for it, its a fun show and many of us like to see what happens. I dont particularly want to look like the guys myself, but I have respect for them and like to see the coverage of the event.


Sorry off topic

Will it be on television in any form this year?



the "other site" has a webcast >_>


To answer the title of this thread I don't think Ronnie can. Jay has brought his A game as far as 1 week out but then again a lot of things can change in that time. Ronnie looks like he didn't take the time to fix his lat or tricep last pictures I saw and therefore is showing up in similar shape as last year. I have him in my books as 3rd...

The real competition that I'm excited about is basically 4-8 because it's anyones ballgame there. The tiniest of details will seperate those guys



Watch it now ronnie did not look that great when I saw him. Though he is 43 and HUGE so impressive none the least.


dexter looks awesome


Ronnie is my sentimental favorite...but he will not win this year. He is significantly smaller than he's been the last 3 years and there is something going on with his arm size (too me, they are ALOT smaller than I've ever seen them). His waist is a bit wide but I think that is because his lat spread is not what it used to be.

I keep hearing the commentators talks about his problem with his left lat...but I don't see it that much this year. Ronnie's legs are shredded though.

Jay looks sharp, but his shape looks bad next to Victor Martinez or Dexter Jackson. Victor looks great, and is who I believe will take the Olympia this year. Jackson is just awesome. He HANGS with the big boys....hell, he was in the 1st callout with Jay, Victor, and Ronnie.

To me, Dexter Jackson and Dennis Wolf are the two best physiques in the entire contest. If I were the judge, these two would be neck and neck for the title.


yea...ronnies arms look small
wolf's a monster


Dennis Wolf continues to impress me every single time I see him. The top 5 at least according to the final call out was how I had it, but the order they will go in might not be.

Also want to say my man David Henry seems like he is going to place well in this Olympia and I'm very happy for him. He turned pro as a middleweight for crying out loud ha.


You know, my opinions were based on the webcast, which admittantly was not the best quality video (the medium to high quality option didn't work for me for some reason).

Flexonline has much better pictures that make me change my mind somewhat. Ronnie, to me, looks much better in those pictures. He looks much more cut, and his arms, when flexed, actually explode out of the screen! However, his back lat spread is nowhere to be seen. It is NOT the back that was his signature all these years. And his left tricep looks much smaller than his right.

Just like injuries did Dorian in, I think the same can be said of Ronnie I'm afraid.

Dexter looks better every time I see a picture of his....ESPECIALLY in comparison pictures! He has definitely improved his physique over the years. He pretty much has the whole package now...including his back.


Lets not forget our own Gina Allioti is doing the Figure class, so we have to root for her.

Ronnie had R-I-P-P-E-D arms for sure, but his abs and legs didnt look like they got as cut as his arms did for some reason. He's gonna need to do something for the night show to make it happen for him.

Jay looked even less dry than Ronnie.

Right now I like Victor and Dex, some of the others guys are VERY well built, but just dont hold a candle to the guy guns when put side by side.


Interesting observation. I thought Ronnie's legs actually looked quite shredded, but his torso (from the front and somewhat from the rear) wasn't that shredded at all. So he looked kindof funny to me: really ripped limbs, not so ripped trunk. He has NO abs, which actually puts a huge minus in the scoring I'm sure.

Alas, the more I see Ronnie against Dex and Victor, the more I think there is NO way his shape in this package can beat them. You know what: the same with Jay. I don't think Jay's shape looks that great against either Dex or Victor (but by himself he looks pretty awesome).

I totally agree with you: Jay looked less dry, but seemed to improve as the night went on (no doubtedly due to all the flexing and squeezing while up on the stage). Dex and Victor look good and if it were up to me, I'd choose Dex for his shape over Victor's mass and shape.

I think Ronnie, after the pre-judging, is in 4th or 5th place. I think Dennis Wolf is amazing...but he seemed to fade a little at the end. Not sure if that is because the people he was compared against started to looked better while he stayed the same.


i think its gonna be either jay or dexter this year


From the pics on flexonline I'd say that Ronnie has the best condition out of the top guys. He looks dense and cut, but not at all flat. The only reason I see to penalize him is that his left tri/lat are smaller than the right - and this was only really visible in the rear double bi shot.

I'd say that there's no clear winner.


Why wasn't it on the news? You would think it would be big news... the fact that ronnie got hit by a fucking truck, god he looks bad. His back looks about as symmetrical as quasimodo's face.


Yeah, I saw the pics on flexonline this morning, and Ronnie still dominates with the back poses. His conditioning is amazing, and even though Jay has obviously gotten a lot bigger, his midsection has always looked crappy (watery and just downright soft). Of course they already have their opinion on the site, talking about how it's between Jay and Victor.


Ronnie actually looks pretty dry in these photos... I cant see Jay winning if he looks like this tonight.




Vic, Jay, Dex ... I love Dex's abs


side pose, Ronnie got jay in the chest department IMO