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Can Protein Cause Constipation?


so i went to the walk in clinic today because i have been having this terrible pain in my right lower quadrant and wanted to make sure it wasnt my appendix. so i get there and the doc does his thing and tells me im constipated, but the thing that confuses me is that on average even since the pain i go to the bathroom about 2-3 times a day. He said that there can still be a back up that equals constipation even though you are moving your bowels.

He then asked me my diet and when i told him he said that it had to do with all the protein that i take in. can that be true? my diet hasnt changed in a long time and i have never had any problems. heres come the kicker, he tells me to go purchase a laxative which i did and i took, and have not been able to go to the bathroom since. theres a warning on the bottle to go to the dr if theres no bowel movement. Im going to wait until the morning to see if anything happens. So can the protein cause constipation, and is there any reason why after going to the bathroom i take a laxative and can no longer go?

sorry for the kinda raunchy post, but im just really confused by all of this and really curious about the protein thing.

thanks all.


A lot of protein without much fiber can cause constipation.

Post your average daily diet so people can know what you're eating.


I would get a second opinion. These are always tough to figure out.

Well post what your typical diet looks like.


I agree here..walk in clinics aren't always the best places to get care IMO. Abdominal pain can be a thousand different things, regardless of which quadrant it is in. I assume that the healthcare practitioner performed a thorough abdominal exam on you, as well as specific physical exam tests to rule out appendicitis?

Definitely get a second opinion, and if the pain gets worse and/or you develop a fever please seek out the emergency room.


[quote]HK24719 wrote:
A lot of protein without much fiber can cause constipation.

That's right!

However, I recently came across the importance of protein cycling.

Eating the exact same foods everyday for a long period of time is a sure-fire way to develop an intolerance and allergy to that particular food, and apparently, that even applies to protein supplements!

If you've been using the same protein powder for a while now (which most people do) then it's quite possible that this is what's causing you problems due to intolerance. Simply switching to another brand or protein source (milk based, vegan base, etc) could do the trick.

Here is the video of John Berardi on protein cycling:


If you remember to mix the protein powder with milk, water, or juice, you won't get as constipated.

The doctor is probably trying to sell you a cleanse. Did he mention enema, bran, psyllium, or water hose?

The laxitive will work, but if you feel a fart coming on, get on the can and let it rip. That way, if it has bones in it, you won't waste your pants.

Other than that, I agree with Doc L. Second opinion, and if pain or fever go to ER.


for the past couple weeks ive been trying to get rid of some carbs so ive cut oats and bread from my diet

2 whole eggs and 3 egg whites
ive replaced the oats with fruit usually strawberries or melon

pre workout
5g creatine

post workout
5g creatine
40g protein shake

1 chicken breast with a a chunk of a lettuce head

celery or carrots with a little peanut butter

either chicken, or fish with a green veggie. usually broccoli or asparagus

thats my usual day of eating

as for the pain getting worse i dont see that as feasible because its been pretty bad at times. the doctor took blood, urine, and a few xrays which is how he ruled out the appendix. and said that there was a clog (constepation). the bottle that i drank for the laxative said that after 6 hours and no bowel movement seek medical help. it took about 11 hours and i finally had something but still in pain. im going to make an appointment with my regular dr. for next week. thanks for all the input and hopefully nothing goes terribly wrong before then.

any comments on my diet would be greatly appreciated.


Get some of the those Fiber Choice tablets.......eat 4 a day....

Plus drink 20-30 oz of hot water.........(make it like the temp you would drink if you were having coffee)

and I promise you'll get that crap (literally) out of your body.


yeah im gonna go get the fiber tablets today. Hot water huh? well i drink 2 cups coffee with breakfast in the morning does that qualify?


Coffee tends to have laxative properties at times....but in my experience just plain old hot water was the best.

Think of it like when you're washing dishes.......you dont use cold water....you use the hottest water you can handle


Because the hot water breaks up the caked on grease and all that other crap stuck to your plate.....makes it break up into softer pieces which is able to be cleaned easier.

The same properties exsist in your body.....If you can even get 8-10 oz of pure hot water its better than nothing. Try it right before you go to bed.....plus it will help curb your appetite.


I also strongly suggest fibre.

You are following a diet plan that is close to the AD - and i do a similar thing when cutting moderately. I find that supplementing with psylliumm husks about 10g a day is invaluable in retaining decent bowel movement.



Well, what if I'm having green tea before bed..does that count? Any health benefits in terms of bowel movement? (i take my green tea with lemon and honey)


Eeeer... the water will be cooled down to your body temp. in no time - but yeah you're right - it's better than nothing.


You need at least 300 gr - 400 gr of protein daily to grow any muscle! You'll look like someone who never worked out if you take less than 300gr! If you don't believe me go to my "Protein: Some Math" - thread and read every post by the pros on here.


There are a lot of factors that can cause constipation, but YES protein CAN be a reason - but I'd also get an second opinion.


thanks brook ill look into that.

tom- i understand about protein intake but for the past 2 months ive been constantly losing weight while still maintaining/gaining on my body. Once i finally get down to where i would like i will then up my intake so to look like a monster haha

johnosn- i guess ill start drinking some hot water to test your idea


I'm not sure about all that jive, man. You realize you didn't even take his bodyweight into account? I've grown a ton of muscle eating 1.25g prot per lb. of bodyweight, which is about 230g. Getting a healthy balance of protein, fats, and carbs will grow muscle; combined with an organized training approach obviously.


This was a "joke" - if you read the thread I mentioned you'll understand. To sum it up - I was saying that you don't need such a high protein intake to gow muscles. I'd also say that 1.25 - 1,5 gr per kg bodyweight is enought. 300 gr - 400 gr daily protein intake CAN cause a lot of problems!


When I started cutting carbs a few months ago I noticed that I got constipated pretty quick. I would suggest eating all your carbs before 11:00 am. It was too much for me to eliminate them all together. I was just walking around feeling aweful all day because I couldn't shit right. I wasn't ;acking for fiber either, because I was eating 2 big salads a day.