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Can Prednisone Kill Your Morning Wood


Simple question, anyone else confirm or comment on this. I was feeling like I finally got down to my sweet spot with good moring wood everytime I woke up. Friday night I started taking a prescription of 10mg of Prednisone for some lung inflamation. I think I now have some kind of a chest cold. Saturday was fine but Sunday and Monday morning now it's like it just got turned off. Other than the lack of morning wood it seems to be working ok and I still feel fine.

Just wondering if anyone else has any experience with this.


It could be prednisone or the lung condition. Prednisone has some problems, but you will not be using it chronically.


Morning wood is coming back but not yet as strong as last week before the Prednisone. Feels like it increased my E2 levels and now it's taking some time for them to come back down.

Thanks for the in put KS man.


Can prednisone cause E2 levels to rise? ANyone know what other hormones prednisone can change? Probably all of them, but im interested in the hormones that can make you feel like total crap.


Prednisone is very catabolic and T should be increased to prevent bone loss and connective tissue damage as well as muscle wasting. Long term use is very dangerous.