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Can Only Huge Guys Give Advice?


There seems to be the perception here that someone must be huge and shredded in order to talk about how to get huge and shredded. Is that necessary? Bill Parcells looks like he might have trouble running 10 yards, much less 40. Karl Gotch, as an old fat man, could probably have crushed most of today's guys in MMA; hell, he could probably have some of the huge guys here crying for mommie in about 10 seconds.

My contention: knowing facts and actualizing those facts on one's own body are very loosely connected at best.

Charles Poliquin is smaller than Ronnie Coleman. Should RC turn down training advice from Charles? "Yo, CP, get yo little skinny ass back to Canada, brah!!" LOL!!!


I don't think anyone would argue that CP doesn't know what he's talking about. He's demonstrated on his athletes he knows what he's doing. Being able to prove you know what you're talking about is the point.



If you get a parrot to say 2+2=4 it doesnt mean the parrot 'knows' it any more than if you get it to say 2+2=3, and on forums you often find parroting rather than real know-how. I don't think there is an assumption that all the big BBers are supremely knowledgeable.

People like CP are experienced and educated thus credible, i'm sure RC can recall what got him big and explain it too. Someone without experience, or at least with nothing to show for it, is a wildcard - how can you be sure his advice is good?

I'd ask Bill Pearl about building muscle and Bill Gates about building computer software empires rather than the other way round. Both are smart guys, both with different experiences and different things to show for it.


I think everyone should be able to give advice, but everyone has to be critical when reading ANY advice.
I've seen loads of big guys, saying crap, and vice-versa.

Though, I would personaly be more "acceptable" to advice given from someone who is huge, has alot of real experience(10 years of chillin' in the gym doesn't count)and also capable of giving advice in a somewhat articulate manner.

But I will listen to anyone, as long as what they're saying makes sense.


Who is Karl Gotch? (I will do a google search on him later.)

Yes, a person who is natural and got huge and shredded is the ONLY person worth listening to when someone else wants to follow in the SAME footsteps and try to get huge and shredded as well.

What does Bill Parcells's ability as a coach have to do with a bodybuilder's physique acquisition?

Charles knows nothing more than what Ronnie already knows as to the subject of being a successful bodybuilder. I am sure Ronnie can learn a lot of other stuff from Charles, but not bodybuilding.

I have read many books on bodybuilding (from Sandow's bio to mag articles on present pro bodybuilders) and nutrition (from Anabolic Diet to the Zone), but it did not do shit for my physique because "knowledge is NOT half the battle". It is less than 1%, application of said knowledge is what is important.


HeadHunter, you are whiney and your existence irritates me, yet I must commend you on your persistence.


^ /nods head in solemn agreement


I dont think that only Huge guys can give advice, it just happens to be most dudes who give advice are huge...lol Everyone has their specialty this happens to be a BB forum so most of the advice givers are massive because they have experience.


there is a sayin that goes "those who "CAN" can't teach". i have found this 2 be very true. with most "champiions" their instincts, genetics, and determination is all they need and therefore can not take it 2 the surface and teach. for example; i was considered a prodigy in art, and have had exceptional skillz since i was very young, yet nearly 30 years later i still cant really teach art, at all. whatsoever. ive had art teachers that were not nearly as skilled as I, but could teach art 1000 times better.
that being said i think the teacher needs extensive knowledge, applied knowledge(experience),and a passion for the target subject they teach (in this case bodybuilding)
I dont want no 1 to miss my point, i dont think that guys who r enormous are unknowledgable, i just beleive that one persons capable mind and appearance r not THAT correlated, at the same time i wouldnt trust some1 "educated" without a strong background of experience.


CP has the credentials and results to back up his claims. King Coleman is just that. He dominated for 8 years straight and is a master at his craft. Since I am an apprentice of said craft, I will listen to Coleman over CP. Burn me at the cross.






You meant can only huge guys, and no one but huge guys, give advice.

Still Yes.


IMO the guys who were not genetically gifted athelets but became gifted are the ones who can. for instance, national status 308 powerlifter Clint Ewal told me when he was my age he was 200 pounds and idk if anyone here has ever been lucky to work out with a guy like that, but hes fuckin huge, hes came along way, so those are the kind of gys i like to get advice from


yes...there have been times were i wrote advice, but then i remembered i weigh only 210...So, i deleted it...


It comes down to this OP, Do you want advice from This emo dude, or a Ronnie Coleman type of deali?


sad emo... cry emo, cry


I agree with you here... To stay with the art analogy, someone who is a "Prodigy" in it does not have to work as hard as someone who isn't. So if a person is not naturally adapt at painting, but loves it and puts in the hours upon hours to learn it chances are they will be able to teach it better than the person who takes to art naturally and is just naturally great at it. I believe this goes with any thing for the most part.


Hence the reason why you have guys like the Van Gundy's coaching basketball. Good Post dude.


Unless someone has documented their workouts and diet they should limit their advice to direct questions not complex routines. Most individuals will forget more than they will remember about how they got where they are.

Eductaed professionals have studied the how to's and how not to's. Plus the different types of genetic codes that make up the vast population.

Personally I preferr figuring it out for myself through trial and error. Which works for me because I'm a fast learner and an analyst by nature.

Some individuals will do best with a trainer who has an iron boot and a serious bark in their voice.

There are no absolutes, everything does not work for everyone. So when in doubt ask a pro.


I don't think someone will forget something they do every single day for years.


If they're not experienced in what they are actually saying, then why the hell would you listen to them? It's like Carrot Top telling me how it feels to be a brunette