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Can One Cycle While On TRT?

Hello guys… I was wondering if one is on TRT and has a certain protocol… if he wants to do a cycle to let’s say test + premo or whatever the cycle is… does one just stack his cycle with the TRT? And is PCT needed?

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I think if your on TRT then they don’t call it a cycle they call it blast and cruising, a cycle is when you go from naturally producing test to going on cycle and shutting down ur natural test production then u do pct for going back to natural production
Blast and cruising is when your always shutdown so there’s no pct your blasting fwith high doses for a while then you cruise with low doses the TRT level dose


trt just means you do not produce a high enough amount of test as it is, just do your cycle and then continue with trt dose after


Great thanks.

I do same thing, after my labs come back and i pick up script, blast.
Stay away from long chain esters, undeconate. So equipoise, deca durabolin, Sustanon, out. Go back to trt dose around 6 to 8 weeks out.

Do I maintain my HCG and AI during the blast? Defiantly will stay away from long acting I was thinking something short acting ofcourse… I also have two test Undeconate on hand… would it be wise to inject them at week 1? 4ml week 1 another 4ml week 2 then switch to short acting ?

Their is a chart on half lives and long ester is in system.
I just started ai its made a difference since im on permanent trt, i dont bother with hgc or clomid.
I your test are 6 months apart like mine the first two weeks of testosterone undeconate probably fine.
I am throwing around idea of doing same with equipoise to get my red blood cells up then going to npp.
I dont what your trt protocol is, but if you are prescibed 150mg testosterone cypionate a week, do you shot 3or4 days before blood test , and the residual test is in system, and you have a high level of test they will lower dose.

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TRT protocol is sustanon 62.5mg every 3.5 days ( 250mg per 14 days) HCG 250IU EOD and Armidex 1mg per week… if I go on a blast I need to continue my protocol just add whatever I want ? Or stop above and just go on blast?

If you are doing sustanon 250 every two weeks, a shot twice a week , of 62.5 mg .
How far apart is blood work??
How about background bodyfat , strength levels quickly, goals.???

I was initially doing 125mg per week and 1mg anastazol 0.5 on shot day then 0.25mg EOD and 250IU EOD. No change I’m the above except for shooting 62.5 twice instead of 125 weekly.

Blood Tests taken on the due day of my shot. 7 days after the 125mg
TT 7.03 ng/Ml 2.49-8.36
FT 18.2 pg/mL 9.3-26.5
E2 81.44 pmol/L 94-223

My background is been training for 6 years, been off for the past 3 month and put on body fat maybe sitting at 15-16%, but haven’t lost my muscles I still have good muscles on me… strength isn’t to strong need to retrain my muscles and get them back in shape shouldn’t take more then 1 month. The plan was get in the gym for 1 month get back my strength and then blast. Currently at 78 KG and height is 173 cm or 5’7

Long term goal is to bulk up 85KG and then cut down to 12% body fat… diet is in check I count my macros and eat clean.

Can you recommend any combo of blast? I have two nebido vials on hands can use each nebido first 2 weeks. Then move to short acting.

Blood work is every 3 month, but I can push to 6 no big deal

Your extra nebido will show up in three months.
If you can do six months fine front load.
Dont blow trt.
Blast and cruise will hard with blood test every 3 months.

Ya I guess il take 6 month of TRT stock and then ask for a blood test after 6 month. Based on my test results of 125mg per week. Would 500mg of sustanon per week be to much to blast?

Hello everyone, I just signed up for these forums but I have been reading for a while since I started TRT. I have been on TRT for about a year now, I don’t have my numbers in front of me, but I know that I am leveled out right now. When I started I was 260 lbs, 5’ 10", and with severely low T, was told female normally had more than I did at the time. Well after hard work, good diet, and gym routine I am now down to 205. Currently take Test C 200mg/week and 0.5 mg of anastrozole 48 hrs after shot. Well now I am at the point I want to add a little more to bulk up. I have been talking to a few guys and a few of them recommended taking sus on top of test . I have read some of the forums and some say yes some say no, but I figured I get on somewhere I liked the most, and ask. I know I am tested for work but they know I am on Test but don’t want to get to crazy with it to raise suspicions, and any input would help out. What. I am thinking is keeping the Test C at 200 mg/wk and starting sus tues and Friday and upping my AIto .20-.25 EOD, since I already have to battle gyno. Ideas?

Any ideas??? How about f*** off and start your own thread. WTF is wrong with people???

Feisty are we? Yea lets start another “Help me cycle while on TRT” thread, so then everyone then responds with “search the threads, it’s already being talked about” or do what I did and hey it’s being talked about let me get in on this one. I did state that I researched it, googled and even put in what my findings were. Since I liked reading what a lot of people have to say on this forum site compared to others, and how I am able to get a lot more information from the Stickys that are on here than from others, this was going to be the place to ask. Just saying.

Do you live in country were sustanon is available without script.
If so why not just do a light cycle and then get blood work done , every six months or so.

I was on TRT (125mg test e, 25mg test p, 100mg Primo IM) every week. Bloods all came back in range.

How I blast and cruise now? I asked my doc. I told him I wanna pack on some muscle.

He’s fine with it.

500mg test e for 14 weeks / 100mg oral primo ED for 6-8 weeks and down to 250mg for 10~ weeks. Rinse and repeat.

Currently in my 6th week of my first blast, but caught the flu. Taking it easy for a few more days. Thankfully, he prescribed me 100mg oral primo and although I’ve been losing weight (~3kg), I suspect it mostly be water from sweats and fat (hopefully).

Try asking your doc if you’ve got the cash to pay. You may be pleasantly surprised…

My regime is about 80-120$ a month. If he wants to check bloods (or I do), it’s an additional $30. Not too bad knowing that some gymbros pay that on their creatine and whey thinking that’s gonna make them swol.

PCT is not needed because your cruise, or TRT dose, is your PCT. Though, I’d recommend keeping Nolva on hand just in case the unexpected happens, eg, you can’t continue TRT or blasting anymore. I, personally, have 70 extra Nolva 20mg tabs on hand.

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How much do I need to fronload if I’m running a cycle of 250mg of test per week for 8-12 weeks? Also do I maintain HCG in this cycle, and finally do I use an AI but double my dose from 0.25mg to 0.5mg twice per week?

I have two Nebido 1000 mg vials I can use to frontload. Should I do week 1- 1000my week 2- 1000mg and then week 3-13 250mg every week?

can someone plz explain? Why would someone who is on TRT who would blast and cruz not use long acting esters such as EQ, Deca, Sust?

The only thing that would make any sense about not doing long esters while on TRT would be to not get caught by your TRT prescriber (so you could end the cycle and have it out of your system in time for required bloodwork). Other than that I can’t think of any reason why that person said that 3 years ago.

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