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Can One Become An Arimidex Over Responder?

On TRT, and cruises, I took 0.5mg adex twice weekly.

When I did my first 14 week blast, I took adex 0.5mg EOD and was fine. I tapered down to 0.5mg twice weekly for my cruise and was fine as well.

I went back up to 0.5mg EOD for my second blast, but by the 4th week I was constantly fatigued for 2-3 days in a row. So much so, I was sleeping ~20 hour days.

I would’ve gotten bloods to see if it was an E2 issue, but I would’ve literally fallen asleep before I left my driveway, I was that exhausted.

I figured it was E2, so skipped a dose and have been taking 0.5mg E2D (if that’s the right terminology: take, off, off, take, off, off, repeat). Since then, I’m back to feeling normal.

I need to get bloods on Monday to confirm E2 is in range. If it is, should I remain on this course or go down to 0.25mg EOD?

And, at any rate, is it possible to become an over responder? Seems weird…


Was your arimidex source the same? Were you leaner on the second cycle? Also way too many people jump on an AI. So just be careful.

Always pharma and yes, a lot leaner as 2nd blast was a cut with albuterol cycle.

Well the leaner you are typically the less arimidex you require. You probably need zero.

Well, got the results back and was an E2 of 25.

With that in mind, should I continue 0.5mg E2D or go to 0.25mg EOD?

25 is good, no? At .5mg every 3 days? Or you could go smaller and spread it out, maybe even out your levels.

Have you been feeling okay on that schedule?

It’s within range.

I’m just afraid that I got it tested on a trough of adex 0.5 E3D as my mood seemed a little off after a shot if I wasn’t scheduled to take adex then.

I’m now trying 0.25mg EOD to see if I can maintain levels and mood.