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Can Oil Leak Out of Muscle Into Fat or Subq?

Yesterday I pinned my left glute and massaged directly afterwards which I don’t usually do. Now the fat below the injection site is hard (goes down about 4 inches) then is suddenly soft again

Yep, happens all the time.

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This is interesting. Iv never experienced this but apparently this is the cause behind the “I injected in my delt and my elbow hurts” stuff. I was warned to be careful of large amounts of sub q injection due to possible leakage.

It just seems crazy to me that oil can leak down someone’s arm or leg I always figured it was something else. But I don’t doubt it from all the times people have this same complaint

Is it still okay to inject there or should I wait until it completely dissipates?

I didn’t think it could leak out of the muscle but I guess it can. I’ve injected into quads and could feel my knee hurt but the needle was a full inch in so maybe it travels down between fibers as well. Can you tell if you hit scar tissue? It was really hard to push in and more painful than usual. I also did legs a couple hours before the injection if that could cause leakage or muscle tightness

I refuse to inject quads. Iv done it numerous times and never had a positive experience. I either get pip, bleed a lot, or hit some wierd shit and once all three.

Scar tissue would take years or injecting into the same spot to really become an issue.

As I said Iv personally never had the issue which is probably why I don’t know much about it. I just recently learned that leakage is a real thing. They reccomend to relax the muscle completely when injecting maybe this has something to do with decreasing leakage. So Ya in that case if you just worked legs somewhat recently your muscles are probably pretty tight. I inject in the morning so all my muscles are cold and whatever glute I’m injecting I put my weight on the opposite foot or if I’m doing delts I relax my arm.

Thanks for the help. Quads are pretty trash but delts seem worse to me, never tried it though. I’ve never hit a nerve but sometimes it’s excruciatingly painful and I’m not sure why. I found a good spot on my left quad with no pain, blood or nerves so far. The same spot on my right leg is always awful for some reason. I’m guessing the leakage was either from massaging right after which I’ve never done or from doing legs before

Hey guys I was actually going to make a post simliar to this. I also inject into my glutes using a 23g 1" and I was just wondering is that big enough to get into the muscle? Or is it likely only going in sub-q?

Could be, depending where you pin. Ventrogluteal is pretty different than dorsogluteal as far as needle length. But it really doesn’t matter. Sub q is just as good as IM.

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Keep in mind, it’s not really about leaking out of the muscle. You are forming a depot of oil suspension. Its a ball of liquid that is meant to be that way. It breaks down as you process the oil. It’s not really leaking per se, it’s just not staying as a depot, which massaging will certainly facilitate.

so basically as long as it breaks the skin it doesnt matter? will I still get the same benefit?

Short answer, yes. I use a 5/8” needle for glutes, insulin pins for delts, and have never had an issue.