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Can NPP Raise TT on Labs

I’m 4 weeks into a TRT boost. As follows.
100mg Test E every 3.5 ( 200 week)
75mg NPP EOD ( 300 week apx)
.25 Adex once a week ( now up to twice)
My bloods came back a little high for the amount of Test. I’ve read on here and other fourms that NPP can increase TT and have also read it doesn’t. Thanks.

Holy shit that’s slightly over 6000ng/dl… Whether a lab detects synthetic androgens as testosterone will depend on the method in which they use to detect the presence of testosterone in the blood (I don’t remember exactly what the different ways to measure are). Some will detect nandrolone as elevated free T as nandrolone will somewhat saturate androgen receptors unsaturated by testosterone, others will just detect nandrolone as testosterone. What I’ve always been curious about is whether dihydrotestosterone derivatives will come up as elevated T (I suppose it depends on lab type), however 19-nortestosterone is simply testosterone with the modification of the removal of the c19methyl group testosterone has (thus it is demethylated) which somehow makes it way nastier for longevity, neurologically and gives it affinity for the progesterone receptor among more fun additions. Dihydrotestosterone derivatives are derived from a metabolite of testosterone thus I wonder if bloods would pick up say masteron or primo as elevated TT, I know if one injected exogenous, unmodified DHT, it wouldn’t be picked up as T, don’t think mesterolone (proviron) would either.

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Thanks for the reply. So let’s assume that NPP does not alter labs and instead of nandrolone in the bottle it’s test. Still pretty high for 500mg week of test though. It should not be this high for what I’m taking.

Nandrolone can and probably is altering labs. You probably do have nandrolone, yet the way you’re particular place you’re getting bloods from uses a method that identifies any exogenous testosterone derivative as testosterone.

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This is why you have to run a sensitive assay when you’re using nandrolone (or tren). Notice your e2 is crazy high too? 19-Nors do that.

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Yes indeed. I went to a private lab and told them to make sure it was a sensitive test . I think they failed. I don’ t have the sides that would come with E2 being that high. Thanks for the reply.

I remember going in for my first set of private bloods (bout a month and a half ago), the girl taking my bloods saw my tests and when taking the bloods said to me “Alright, so no heavy lifting for the next day, if you can manage that” and then she smiled and winked at me. I was thinking “she knows I’m dabbling with the super secret special sauce”

Or maybe that’s how flirting works (because upon re-examination that might’ve been what flirting is?), I can’t tell.


When in doubt whip it out.


Can’t imagine the girl would want to flirt with someone of my age (she looked to be mid to late twenties), I may not look 18 but the form clearly stated that I was 18 years old.

Hence I think it was an implication towards the use of synthetic testosterone.

Never say never. I railed a 36 year old in my early 20s.

Age is pretty irrelevant especially if both parties are just looking for a hook up.

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Sounds down to earth with a sense of humour.