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Can Not Taking Enough HCG Make You Tired or Depressed?

My regimen is 0.15 mg of T propionate ED and 400 IU of HCG twice a week. Twice I experimented with doing only one injection of HCG per week and each time I seemed to get tired and somewhat depressed.

The first time I did it our of curiosity and this time to reduce my E2 levels. I have “chronic fatigue” so it’s difficult to be conclusive.

It will reduce your test levels to not use it. You might try a slightly higher dose of test.

Right but apparently HCG has an effect on the brain similar to LH.

250iu eod or the equivalent (so 500 e4d) is very close to maintaining intratesticular levels of testosterone, although 500iu eod doesn’t show any improvement in serum levels - I guess we could speculate and think that the extra goes to more E2 and DHT and thus 250iu eod (or 500iu e4d) is good enough

I myself do 625iu e4d as a mono therapy, and it’s fantastic mentally and physically. TRT would only add more Test, E2 and DHT into the mix and I don’t see any potential benefits without the harms.

If anything I’d reduce the Test and use a proper slightly higher dose of HCG, because it’s a very worthy LH analogue that everyone who’s considering HPA suppression should be using.

Free T has an effect on the brain. I’m not aware of LH having any direct effect on the brain, unless you are speaking euphemistically.

Thanks bro. Could you point me to somewhere explaining how HCG is useful for the HPA while on TRT?