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Can Not Ejaculate on HCG, Any Tips?

Iam a 38 y Very sporty and pretty healthy guy. (186cm , 94kg). im on HCG 0,2ml (200ui) 3x times per week. I used to be on nebido for 4 years and it wasnt too good. Now i have problems with libido and cannot ejaculate at all. E2 was 0,05nmol and free test 294 Pmol ( 3 days from injecting). Any Tips what to do? i can do labs also if needed. I get little energy from hcg but the ejaculation problem is bad and it gets worse always after the shot.

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I’d want at least the following blood tests:
Total test
Free test

There’s others like free T3 or other thyroid, but I wouldnt bother right now.

The above will tell a lot
Is the hcg working for you and are your testicles functioning well.

It’s possible you have primary hypogonadism which means testicle failure which means hcg won’t be of much/any help.

Also some guys just don’t do well on hcg, either by itself or in conjunction with test inj, don’t know why.

You may end up back on testosterone injections to feel well. Usually test enanthate or cypionate are recommended or a 200mg/ml compounded cream applied to scrotum once or twice daily.

Some guys do well on nebido or sustonon but some don’t and it can take a while for protocol adjustments to stabilize due to the extra long half life in those products.

Hope that helps

HCG isn’t going to work for you and you need to move on to something else like cypionate or enanthate. HCG is like a wild card, some respond well while others do not.

When you can’t ejaculate, it’s most likely your estogen is too high.

Estrogen increases serotonin, which is an inhibitor neurotransmitter. It will but the brakes on orgasm. This is why many ppl on SSRI’s have a hard time finishing.

Thank every one from your replies! So i have a theory that hcg first raises e2 and after that testosterone, thats why the ejaculation is totally impossible one day after the injection. Second theory is that allthough my e2 is pretty low , hcg doesn’t raise my t levels enough and the ratio is bad. I really dont have a libido at all.
I would be totally fine going back to TRT but my doctor wants to see my own production first. (after 4 years of nebido rolleroaster i dont have high hopes for that). Now after 2 months of Pregnyl my free t is still under 300 pmo\l. That is pretty low i assume ?
Here in Finland we only have three options for TRT : sustanon , nebido and testo gel. Which of these could provide most stable level ? I had AI sometimes with nebido and it was a total guessing game and sometimes felt ok , sometimes not. I would prefer not to use an AI.

And again thanks again for your replies, i think doctors here doesnt know to much about TRT.

I’d add prolactin to this as well for delayed orgasm.

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Have you heard about buspirone? Some say it helps with anorgasmia when on ssri

My SHGB is always really really low. at the bottom end or even below the ranges. What are CBC and CMP ? i only ask that i can found them in Finnish.

I’ve had much experience with buspar. At times it definitely increased my libido, and i also had a time where i came twice within a matter of like 15 seconds. Very odd.

But yes, i’ve tried it. If you take it too long though, it may increase serotonin, stiffling your issue. The key is to only take it for a few days… then back off… then back on. initially it will increase your dopamine, but for longer time spans of being on, it’ll increase serotonin.

Interesting stuff. Pretty harmless to try.

Ok! Well that sounds good. Becouse the ejaculation is the biggest problem. Can you use it with SSRI like lexapo, in the past i have been using 5mg of lexapro and i might have to get back on it. ( i use it for anxiety and panic attacks, and when i was on it the delayed ejacultion was there even i had sometimes high libido with nebido) . I have lots of childhood traumas which has caused these fuckers.

and do you still use it ?

Here and there.

I notice w about 7.5mg twice a day, I have a great libido after about 7 days, Then it slowly tapers away.

CBC - complete blood count
CMP - complete metabolic panel

They’re a whole bunch of related tests that are usually bundled together. Google can tell you the individual tests if you want to know more.

I don’t think anything in those 2 are causing your problem, but they’re usually cheap and easy to justify. Cost may not be an issue in Finland though. I always have them done, even if I’m paying out of pocket for them.

I think that’s a reasonable idea.