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Can Never Forgive


Ever have something that you just cannot forgive?

I can never forgive Kiss for doing this song:


I love this thread already.


My favourite band Rush during the better part of the 80's.

Simply abhorrent. Something that Patrick Bateman might listen to before cleaving a confused hooker into bits...



Way to bring up repressed memories









Yeah, but I'm sure you're not as pissed off about him being bi-sexual.


I'm sure it was his girlfriends.


What the fuck you talkin' bout, Chris?

I googled your lies and only found middle aged women chirping about him hooking up with men. Lies. All lies.



No excuse! Not a single member of Metallica should ever be seen on Rodeo Drive... except passing through on a loud Harley.



I don't know, man. I've never seen this movie but the Hulkster did Mr. Nanny and that movie rocked.


Kiss is awesome, that song is awesome, this thread sucks.


THIS ass monkey is living and breathing "I'LL NEVER FORGIVE US FOR THAT"


I can never forgive Arnold for being a Republican.


This is probably the worst violation.
The Prince of Dorkness.


OMG! That was so awful that I didn't even recognize who they were at first!


My gf was masturbating to my mom giving birth TO MY BROTHER!