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Can melatonin be frozen?

Can’t find an answer to this anywhere.

I’m thinking about buying it in a very large quantity as the price would be considerably better, but at the rate I take it (3mg 3 X week) It would take me around 6 years to use the whole damned thing, which is a bit more than melatonin will endure according to all expiration dates I’ve seen. Anyone knows if it ca be frozen or at least refrigerated to increase shelf life?

Restless, why don’t you contact the manufacturer and ask them. Melatonin is so cheap and my usage so low (same situation as yours) that I wouldn’t be inclined to stockpile . . . unlike ephedrine or pro-hormones which might ultimately be prohibited by the FDA. However, if you’re still inclined to stockpile, I’d be inclined to stick it in the 'fridge instead.

Have you tried asking this in the chemical solution forum?

Excelent ideias from both of you. Thanks.

I am not understanding why you have to look ahead 6 years. Why don’t you just buy like a yeas worth at tops.