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Can MAG-10 Still Be Sold?


I still have two bottles of MAG-10 that I attempted to sell on eBay. eBay pulled the listing citing illegal drug statutes. I know that MAG-10 can no longer be manufactured but my understanding was that existing stocks could still be sold. Am I way off base here, I could not find the MAG-10 ingredients listed as either a Class I, II, III or IV scheduled drug.


Nope, you can still use it. You obtained it when it was legal so existing stocks can still be possessed. But it can't be sold.

Otherwise all a company would have had to do is manufacture a X year supply and sell It for the next X years.


How much you looking to sell them for? I might like to take 1 or both off your hands...


OK, you both realize you're talking on an open forum about selling and buying something that is against the law to sell or buy.


I am confused then, I still see it for sale online. It is unfortunate if it is illegal to sell. I acknowledge some regulation is necessary but this is way to much and to ban steroids and allow plastic surgery is the height of hypocrisy.


I am not talking about selling, I was asking if it is illegal. The consensus is that it is illegal so as much as I may not like a law I still follow it. Real bummer though, it was generating a lot of interest on eBay.


A little research will confirm that posession as well as selling it is illegal. While the odds of anyone coming after you for posession are very tiny, it became illegal to posess it the day the law went into effect covering that compound.