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Can Low Testosterone Levels be Labile?

A doctor who on a regular basis prescribes testosterone to men and women who reads up on things (studies) related to TRT, not some GP or endocrinologist who prescribes 200mg every 2 week who hasn’t made an effort to educate him/herself on TRT.

well this am I felt like shit. anxious and edgy so went and got my recheck labs instead of waiting 2 weeks. he only ordered total,free, prolactin, fsh and lh. nothing more. then tired despite caffeine took a power nap at 11am. feel alittle better this evening we go pick up my results on Thursday. hopefully md isn’t up sent I got them now and not in two weeks

Do you mean tribulus? That is a T booster. You are on TRT your T production is shut down that plant will do nothing to help you in the bed room get some real cialis.