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Can Low T Cause Eyebrow Thinning?


afaik hairloss on the scalp is an acknowledged symptom of low T (which i also experience), but what about the eyebrows?
especially on the outer and inner brows I’ve thinned quite a lot.
is this a testosterone issue or could it allude to a thyroid issue?
I’m starting to think i may have more than just a testosterone issue, my lower t and atrophied testies (caused by infection, torsion, or varicocele, it’s hard to say and the doctors weren’t of much help) may not be the main culprits at play after all?
i heard varicocele could cause hypothyroidism which may have lowered my t as well as the shrunken testes which obviously has lowered it.
I don’t have my blood test results on me unfortunately (i wasn’t even given my last one except for T lvls which were around 350 ng/dl - but he said everything else was normal), but the test before that (before the problem was as pronounced) showed my LH and TSH quite high (does that mean it’s not hypothyroidism?), one of them above the normal range at 2.1 but i can’t remember which one.

anyway this was supposed to be about eyebrow hair, so first thing’s first I’d like to know if anyone knows something about this as i couldn’t find good results on google.
also one more thing, can minox help with it? how about the scalp hairloss? ty


Why not ask your docs for copies of your lab work?

Too much guessing and “I heard”