Can Libido Loss Be Permanent After Steroids?

Hey guys,

I know a few of you have helped me out on this forum but i truly need some peace of mind that everything will be alright.

My last cycle was in late 2015 and i havent been right since.

I didn’t think anything of it for almost 2 years and was living the best i could. However i was unfulfilled living low quality of life, anxious, TIRED, etc etc etc.

I finally considered that things could be wrong with my body around September 2017, as if having a limp penis for most of the time didn’t spark concern enough before hand.

I’ve been doing everything in my power since to get back.

My body has this knack for responding well towards a new substance only for it to not work again.

I took toremifene back in the fall of 2017. For 3 days everything was fine and then it stopped working again.

I took HCG for the first time in February 2018 after meeting a uro that has dealt with steroids before; first 250 iu shot i felt great but nothing worked again afterwards.

I decided to try trt but started off doing a cycle and for 3 weeks i was feeling good down there till things tapered off, this really had me start to panic; although around 8 weeks i did have one episode of strong libido but it didn’t last long.

I hopped off trt because i found out my t3 was low so i thought that maybe the culprit.
I Hired a homeopath who changed up my diet. Maybe this was in my head, but i thought my erections were getting better the first week but once again it tapered.

I did trt again in Nov for only about 4 weeks (too short i know) then hopped on HGH for the t3 conversion. I started to feel good around 2 weeks in and then about 10 days after things went down again.

Now I’ve accepted my fate of trt since i found out my free t is always low regardless of how how my normal T gets.

I understand that trt can take time to work but since ive always responded quickly in the past, why would it be this slow and crawling progressions now?

It truly feels like a cruel twist of fate at this point. Should i be encouraged by the signs of libido knowing that maybe my body just needs time to figure itself out, or should i be considered since it always seems to fail.

I want to live my best life, meet girls and all that good shit, but its pretty damn difficult when you have half a working penis and no combination gives you consistency.

Does anybody relate or have any similar circumstances that they had gotten through like mine. Is this truly reversible?

Waiting on bloods and will update next week.

Thanks for any stories and advice!

I had Ed and libido issues for over 10 years before TRT.
For the first year and a half TRT did nothing for either. My doc gave me a much larger dose for 3 months sending my TT >1500 and my libido came back big time but it did not fix my ED. Talk about hell horny as a 19 year old with a limp oyster. It took low dose cialas everyday and a NO stack to get my ED fixed. When my doc dropped my T dose back to normal my libido stayed not as strong as before, thank god, but I have it back.

What NO stack did you use?

And do you still use cialis?

And how long did it take on high dose testosterone to see changes? Also do you still have Ed to this day?

If im In you’re position with a solid libido I’d definitely be happy! I could always use proviron or other libido boosting measures to help me out in the long run.

The best NO stack / boner maker I have ever used is
low dose cialas 2.5 or 5mg /day (prescription drug)
1mg doxazosin /day (prescription drug)
6g L-Citruline /day bulk bags for best savings
3g L-Arginine /day bulk bags for best savings
Taken 1-2 hours before your workout. The daily cialas works 24/7 for ED

This NO stack works in the gym for unreal pumps and in the bed room.
Yes I take lowdose cialas daily for ED as part of this stack.

My doc bumped my T for 3 months to get my libido back.
That got me started on blasting on my own since I liked it so well.

Awesome, thanks for the info!

How many weeks into the blast did you start feeling a change in your condition?

I don’t feel any different from TRT lvls until the start of the 5th week then it slowly creeps up.
My sets getting easier and the recovery is 1/2 the time. I don’t do PCT I just go back to my TRT lvl and keep an eye on my E2 it comes down slower than my TT lvl. That has given me issues in the past. I now know what to look out for and can take my AI to control it.

So I know how you feel. It sucks brother. The Ed issues plus others I didn’t even come off but couldn’t get back to normal. It takes time. Rebound issues can be compounded by stress and pretty much everything else. Just make sure you are not stressing about every little thing. Take the trt slow. Let the drugs work.

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What norse said. Libido is dictated by a lot of things, but the most important one is the one square foot of real estate on top of your neck. Don’t let your worries worsen the problem.


never heard someone refer to their dick as an oyster before…

what does your bloodwork look like?

I got the oyster reference from Carl Reiner a famous American comedian, film director he was interviewed by Johnny Carson and asked what was sex like at 82 and Carl said it was like trying to put an oyster in a slot machine. I though it was funny and the nickname stuck.

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That’s funny, I know Carl Reiner but I’d never heard that before

blood work should be coming in next week, just took some bloods this past monday.

i feel you guys and im trying.

All you wanna do is meet girls and not only do you not feel horny enough, you have this timid feeling that always courses through because your hormones aren’t balanced and it hurts.

I still try and go out and enjoy myself, but it makes it real hard without the sexual aggression. However the only alternative is being home alone and thats far worse then going out and tryna meet girls like this so thats certainly no option.

I just pray shit gets better sooner rather later.

so are you saying that once your testosterone was bumped up to 1500>, libido started to kick in around week 5?

I honestly don’t remember the exact time it was pretty soon after my protocol was changed.
Note this did not fix my ED that took cialas also penile sensitivity. TRT cut that in half.