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Can Larry Wheels Be a Top BB Pro?


I love Larry’s posts and wish him well in strongman. His first show was to me, an old warhorse, a great first effort…


Jeezus look at this guy go.

I don’t think he is natty boys


Unfucking real.


Slap some more mass on him and this will be a monster event.


I disagree. I don’t think he needs more size to be at the very top of this event, and adding significant size may also hurt his moving events, which clearly would be a bad thing for him. His leg drive still hasn’t come together, and look at what he’s wearing… no shoes. no belt. no sleeves. no fucking wrist wraps. He could be pressing in the high 400’s, like 470+ by the summer. Truly mind blowing.

I honestly don’t think his competing weight should be much above 300 lbs. He will be best served by staying on the low end of the bodyweight spectrum of heavyweight strongmen.


“Lesssss goo Laleeeee” - Hafþór Björnsson


Yes. Just like Mariusz in mid-2000’s. Staying around 300lbs or less and just running circles around guys 50lbs heavier than him.


it always makes me happy when you agree with me. Feels like I’m doing something right.


I think it’s time for Larry to get into Crossfit or American Ninja Warrior. Time to see how all that strength translates to those endeavors!