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Can Larry Wheels Be a Top BB Pro?


larry’s third attempt on the stone where he finally got it looked much easier than all of thors stone to shoulder reps. I think because he’s way shorter though


I think it;s interesting to see the hype he gets,… of course it’s always a possibly different story when he actually gets in a real competitive arena. Sure he won a local amateur BBing contest against guys who weren’t in shape, and sure he may do some strongman lifts well to the average onlooker, but I guess if he’s smart, he’ll milk the attention as much as he can. He truly is a genetically gifted beast in so many ways.



Shit got a bit more real here:

He’ll obviously get better with practice but I wouldn’t say a win is in the bag.

If you don’t want to watch then basically he wants to win an Arnold Amatuer qualifier and appear at the Arnolds.

I would guess that in the back of his mind is winning Arnold’s and getting that wildcard into the pro show.

That will need some generous event selection from the promoters to happen IMO but perhaps next year.

I think he can get to the Arnold’s Amateur this year though. Struggle or not, it was comp weight on his first attempt.


It’s really cool to see how Larry approaches these tasks he’s not (yet) great at*. The guy has set world records but he sticks to his programming, listens to those around him and just goes about doing the work.

He wasn’t humbled by the axle deadlift but he definitely had that “oh fuck” look about him when it got heavy and the stiffness of the axle made it feel about 1000x worse coming off the floor

*Well, he is pretty good with a 700lbs pull for 4 lol


So he competes this weekend at Odd Haugen’s All American Challenge. My prediction (without knowing how many are competing haha):

  1. Farmers (305lbs for 2x60ft). Looked okay in training. Weight no problem but I dont think his feet are quick enough yet. Top 10

  2. Press Medley (200lbs block, 264lbs axle, 280lbs log). He struggled a bit with the awkwardness of the block but axle and log no problems. I think he could possibly hit 5 reps in the log for a top 3

  3. Lever Squat 510lbs. First place, will destory thus

  4. Tyre flip duel 1100lbs. Did well for first time flipping a real tyre but has a long way to go to play with the big boys. Top 10

  5. Mas Wrestling. He might be able to out muscle some of the newer guys but don’t see this going well. Top 10.

Edit: There’s an axle deadlift here too. Should be a good finish for Larry.

  1. Viking Press 290lbs. Should do well. Top 3

  2. Carry Medley (yoke 800lbs, sandbag 300lbs). Will do well (I think he can squat more than this) but not enough time under with the implement for thise super quick feet that you need to box with the best. Top 5.

Depends how his cards fall but top 3 could happen. Hope it all goes well as I’d like to see him at the Arnold to give him the fire to train strongman for a year and see what he has


Why not 1st? Thats light as hell for larry. From what I’ve seen of viking presses I’ve seen dudes load up the weight big time. Guy from my gym log presses 160kg and can rep 180kg on the viking. I’m pretty sure since larry strict presses 180kg that 290lbs on viking (which has leg drive) will be like nothing to him.


Farmers, as expected a bit off the pace. Good finish up until the drop, which cost him. I don’t know if he was penalised for the slide. Not sure where he finished but seems bottom half (out of the top 10)

Managed 4 reps on the log. Lots of improvement to be had between implements but this still gets him =2nd

Mas Wrestling, wins both rounds. Goes to the next round outstanding result for something he’s practiced once

=2nd in the squat with 17 reps

Not sure if he made that first slip. Looks like no. Well, it seems Odd decided to give all the men 5 seconds to flip the tyre because the woman’s event ran lonf and just about everyone zeroed it


Come on Larrry: wear the comp shirt, haha.


Thanks for the write up.


Day two and a comfortable win on the double overhand axle deadlift

24 reps on the Vikings Press lol Pretty sure that’s another first place

Mas wrestling, up against a training hall native in ghe final so no surprise he couldn’t overcome that.

Yoke, puts him in second place overall. Needs to finish ahead pf current first place (who runs last) to win (300lbs sandbag on the shoulder kek)


So it came down to the last event. Larry had to beat Jose Baez for the win and posted 33ish seconds.

Unfortunately for Larry, Jose demolished the event with a 28s run.

I believe that means no Arnold’s for Larry but a good first up showing. He looked likenhe had a great time and I hope he gives it a good 12 month run next year.


An impressive showing for sure - as technical as yokes and carries are, imagine what years of proper training would do here.


Gotta respect his attention to detail and dedication to getting better all the way to perfect.


Gotta respect the guy for going after whatever he’s got his mind focused on. All else aside, genetically gifted, and a damn hard worker.

I’m waiting for him to start pimping his strongman training systems e-books right alongside his bodybuilding themed ones (all ghost written by his “coach” but the two of them silently splitting the money -lol)



I thought the exact same thing when I saw Larry’s website haha No doubt Sebastian Oreb has already lined this up but I doubt he would put a program out there without his name attached somehow.


Lol - what kills me is how his “coach” (JG) ghost wrote Larry’s e-book on hypertrophy training! If ever there was someone who isn’t a good example of knowing how to build a good physique :smile:
(Himself and every single client except super genetic freak Larry!)



That’s my read of Oreb too. He seems pretty straight up and honest.


Do you something against this guy lol


I don’t think he was a commonwealth champ in highland games, actually saw him doing his stuff, unique gifts, nice guy, but not that great at highland games. Huge respect to a great athlete though…


This was about Jon Paul Sigmarson