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Can Larry Wheels Be a Top BB Pro?


larry’s third attempt on the stone where he finally got it looked much easier than all of thors stone to shoulder reps. I think because he’s way shorter though


I think it;s interesting to see the hype he gets,… of course it’s always a possibly different story when he actually gets in a real competitive arena. Sure he won a local amateur BBing contest against guys who weren’t in shape, and sure he may do some strongman lifts well to the average onlooker, but I guess if he’s smart, he’ll milk the attention as much as he can. He truly is a genetically gifted beast in so many ways.



Shit got a bit more real here:

He’ll obviously get better with practice but I wouldn’t say a win is in the bag.

If you don’t want to watch then basically he wants to win an Arnold Amatuer qualifier and appear at the Arnolds.

I would guess that in the back of his mind is winning Arnold’s and getting that wildcard into the pro show.

That will need some generous event selection from the promoters to happen IMO but perhaps next year.

I think he can get to the Arnold’s Amateur this year though. Struggle or not, it was comp weight on his first attempt.


It’s really cool to see how Larry approaches these tasks he’s not (yet) great at*. The guy has set world records but he sticks to his programming, listens to those around him and just goes about doing the work.

He wasn’t humbled by the axle deadlift but he definitely had that “oh fuck” look about him when it got heavy and the stiffness of the axle made it feel about 1000x worse coming off the floor

*Well, he is pretty good with a 700lbs pull for 4 lol