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Can Larry Wheels Be a Top BB Pro?


Still no. Look at where it locks out. It’s behind his head. When he finally gets it overhead, he can’t control it, and it goes forward. Strength is there, but not the stability.


He’s got alot to work on


Hmm what things usually get injured the most in strongman?


the first time I lifted a 280 lbs stone I tore my right biceps. Bicep strains and tears are very common with stones, as are lower back injuries, particularly on the extension/loading part. lapping is not terribly dangerous. I’ve also had an SI joint injury doing stones. Once you start placing very heavy stones on very high platforms, you’ll see what I mean. I think it was Eddie Hall who said the 2 events he never practices unless he feels very close to 100% are stones and yoke, because of how risky they can be.

Yea I guess my point here was that these guys are already better than Larry at strongman at a younger age than him. That’s a significant disadvantage to Larry, because these guys are just as hungry as Larry is for a WSM title. And they already have a ton of event practice under their belts. Those guys are ALREADY competing on the World’s stage. Then you’ve also got guys like Licis and Kieslekowski who are right there competing for top titles, around Larry’s age and improving rapidly. Just a lot of competition Larry will be up against.

I don’t know. We’ll find out, I suppose. He is still adding lbs to his max deadlift. He’s improved that by 100 lbs in the last 2 years. I don’t have see any evidence to suggest that Thor is ‘maxed out’. He’s just now really hitting his stride in the sport, and I know he wants more titles. And how do we know Larry hasn’t mostly maxed out in terms of static strength? I doubt his static lifts will improve much, if any, once he really gets into strongman training, because so much of his training energy will be focused on things he hasn’t done before.

if he really devotes the next 5 years almost entirely to strongman, for sure.

I haven’t seen all his videos, so I may be missing something, but what are you basing that on?


bicep tears are a big one. ACL tears on carries. lower back injuries. Shoulder injuries. All kinds of bad shit can happen with a yoke. Then you also have the freak injuries, often involving someone passing out in an event.

At one contest I competed in, we were doing max stones as an event. I had just done a 300 lbs stone. The next guy up did the same stone, and passed out/fell backwards as soon as the stone left his chest/landed on the platform. The stone rolled back off the platform, landed on his lower leg. That wasn’t good.


My leg involuntarily kicked out when I read that. Christ.


Now you’re scaring me!

I might rethink the frequency at which im training stones. I do yoke every two weeks currently, i do stones every week so when i get stronger i might do the same thing (My technique sucked hence doing it every week, Soon i think I’ll be happy enough with my technique for less frequency). Infact last week my left leg got out of place on yoke due to shitty balance and something popped in my knee and now my knee is popping/Crackling more than it used and doesnt feel good. Thats off topic but my left hip/knee/Leg is all out of whack so im specifically addressing balance and mobility from now on and working this shit out. But yeah yoke and stones are definitely dangerous. I hope to avoid messing myself up on both.

Hmmm… some very good points you’ve presented as usual. I think he’ll win but it’s going ti be tougher for him than i thought. If he fully devotes himself to stringman he can do it. However if he fluctuates between trying to be a top bodybuilder/powerlifter/strongman i dont see him achieving wsm

That’s true

He’s constantly setting pr’s but that isn’t everything i suppose. He could add instant poundages to his lifts if he worked on his technique though.

I must have gotten that mixed up with someone else. I thought I’ve heard him mention an athletic background with football and the like but i rewatched a video and did some research and it seems his teens wrre full of drugs/alcohol. Not athletic pursuits


Don’t get into strongman if your goal is safety, haha.




I’ve strict pressed 300lbs and 290x3 at one point and the most I’ve ever clean and pressed on a log is…320.

Log is like…disturbingly harder. I think Mike Jenkins strict pressed 400lbs x 5 and his best log ended up being about 475-480. He also has a much stronger and sturdy body than Larry probably ever will, especially weighing 400lbs.

Idk it’s like, he’s weaker than almost all of the WSM qualifying athletes, nevermind the guys in contention for winning the finals. He’s like 6 feet tall, so his strides in movement are gonna be dog shit compared to the monstrosities that basically cover average human broad jump distance with one leg stride, and at his heaviest he’s still gonna be statically weaker than someone like Martins Licis and also technically diminished heavily and…yeah.

But…maybe he’ll defy that and do exceedingly well. Would be nuts, but it’s possible.


it’s definitely a lift to take seriously. the most important thing is to MAKE SURE you get your arms on top of the stone for the loading part. And if anything feels a little off on a particular day, or you feel undue strain, don’t push through it, be smart about it.

as to training frequency… as long as you feel fine, training frequency shouldn’t be an issue. I actually know a couple guys who used to train stones 4 times a week. crazy. once a week isn’t bad. I think what’s more important is the context in which you train it. I think if you train stones right after you’ve done heavy rows, or pull ups, or anything that strains the biceps, you’re probably more at risk than if your biceps are fresh.


The only thing i can think of is i train Farmers and then stones once every two weeks alternated with yoke and stones. Farmers strain the biceps right?


Not a bad first up go at a natural stone. Also, its strange to see someone named Larry under 50.


I could feel parts of my spine flying across the room just looking at that.


No way that stone is natural.




this is a great example of something that I imagine his fanboys will love, and is a relatively impressive lift, and yet in the world of pro-strongman, is just kind of ok. And that’s fine for a first try, no question. It’s just a matter of where he goes from here, how much MORE potential he has in him. Because as impressive as this is, it’s something I could probably do as a LW strongman, and I’m not the best LW stone lifter in the world (probably top 10, definitely not the best. lol.) I’ve shouldered a 300 lbs Atlas stone. The shape of the stone in this video looks like it wouldn’t be awful to shoulder. Not easy, by any means. But any pro strongman in the world would also get this their first try.


He uploaded a 40 minute strongman training video on youtube. I watched all of it without skipping once. These guys are truly unbelievable.




That was awesome. Makes me want to jump in on some strongman training!


Dunno if you’ve watched the video yet flip but they both seemed to struggle more than you described with the stone