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Can Larry Wheels Be a Top BB Pro?


I don’t follow the sport, so I’m curious if that was with a 24-48 hour weigh in. If so, he could be walking around at like 275. I know Kroc competed at 220 while walking around at 250 back with the 72 hour WPO weight cuts.


I wouldn’t say he shouldn’t compete in anything, but I’d agree he should maintain the YouTube stuff. 200 thousand followers last week when the topic started, 300 thousand this week, millions of views per video, etc.

That adds up. I’ve heard that it isnt easy to make a living in strength sports, so I’d bet something like that would really help.


Is it possible people have this mindset because Larry Wheels is already bigger and stronger than any active poster on these forums? At least as far as I know of


yea I watched a video very recently where he said he was over 275 right now. That’s what I was going off of.

I honestly don’t think he HAS to carry any more than 300 lbs to make it to the pro ranks, assuming he stays this lean. His static lifts are basically where they need to be already, and adding crazy bodyweight won’t make him any faster.


oh for sure. I don’t think he has any interest in dropping the social media stuff. I wouldn’t suggest that.


Did Jon Pall Sigmarsson ever compete at a high level in the IFBB? I know he had a pro card and won whatever the Iceland’s bodybuilding championship was.

That gives him WSMx4, A podium in IPF Worlds, Commonwealth champion in highland games and some level of success in the IFBB.


Considering his present success and the ever more negative risk:reward ratio needed to be an IFBB or WSM, the wise move would be to continue the YouTube thing. More freedom I would suspect as well. But you had a good point, whatever makes him happy.


I would imagine pursuing IFBB/WSM would be a boon for his YouTube channel. “Really popular guy tries something new, watch these videos about it!”. Seems like a win-win to me.


Exactly. The biggest thing is going to be learning the events and being conditioned. He was complaining about long days in powerlifting meets, but he doesn’t realize that all amateur and even a good deal of pro shows are 10x worse than any PL meet ever ran as far as the wait times and the disorganization/chaos. I really hope he can fly through the amateurs fast enough so he doesn’t get impatient or disinterested in the sport.

Anyway, if he actually pushes strongman as hard as he did powerlifting, I believe he has what it takes to get to worlds. Not so sure about finals…but, yeah.


This is a more candid way of saying what I was trying to say earlier. Well done. That, and @flipcollar’s post about doing whatever he enjoys, about covers what I was really after. He doesn’t “have to pick…” anything other than that.


that’s a good call, I didn’t know he competed in BB. I guess I should have, lol


he’s certainly getting a leg up on the competition, getting to train with Thor for the next few months. That’s an insanely cool opportunity. I hope it comes together for him.


Bit off topic but I’m scared for him and want him to stay injury free.

Every second day he is pulling some random stunt for social media and “setting a PRs” in random lifts. Was not bad at first like maxing out on super bounced bench press and super bounced TnG deadlift but now he is one rep maxing out on Behind The Neck Push Presses and stuff.

Great for building a social media following I guess but risky


Larry wheels strict presses 180kg lol and hes a powerlifter. If he learns how to use good leg drive an easy event for him right there in the coming years. Hes a monster. You all really think he couldnt win wsm in say 5 years if he built his moving events+ got stronger all around+ gains weight?


Nearly all strongman pressing events are from the floor and for most pros it’s the clean that’s the limiting factor, not the press. I wouldn’t give him an easy 1st on this.

Until we see him in a few strongman contest under his belt, its very hard to say how far he could go.


Forgot about the clean part lol.

Yeah thats true. I mean dude closed a captains of crush #3 with no time devoted to grip training or ever picking up a gripper. It’s a completely different thing but i think he’ll pick up the strongman bug especially after training with thor. Once he learns the movements/builds his conditioning/Moving events and gains some weight in the next few years i think he’ll climb the ranks real fast.


if he does compete in strongman, which he has said he will, he will not stay injury free. That’s a certainty. I can assure you that yoke walks and atlas stone lifts are far more likely to injure him than anything I’ve ever seen on his IG channel.

I have yet to see an out-of-the rack barbell press in high level strongman competition. You have to clean the bar first, and it’s almost never a barbell. Who’s to say he can clean anywhere close to that with an axle or log?

it’s within the realm of possibilities. But have you considered that Thor will still likely be in his prime in 5 years, still competing? And that Larry Wheels is not the only young monster who wants to be the world’s strongest man? Guys like Trey Mitchell and Dylan Lockard are in their early 20’s have been training strongman for several years, and they are built for the sport. Dylan is 6’7 350 lbs, and Trey is also significantly bigger than Larry, and damn near as statically strong. And he’s fast. And 22 or 23 years old.

a lot of if’s here. I think the answer to that question is yes, with an emphasis on the moving events. Thor is dominant across the board. So to beat him, Larry is going to have to find something that he can do better than Thor. Right now there are exactly zero events that Larry could win against Thor. Think about that for a second. Larry’s biggest strengths are deadlift and pressing, right? And Thor can beat him in both already. So coming to the belief that there will be a time when Larry is actually beating Thor in full competitions is something I’ll have to see to believe.


On this, I’ve also yet to see Larry actually press a weight over his head. They’ve all been in-front-of-face presses.


I’ve seen a video where he Tries log pressing for the first time and clean and presses 315 for reps. Thats nowhere near the level he’d need to be at for wsm but thats a pretty damn good log for a first time. We’ll see what he can do after a month with thor.

Is this a dangerous event? Everytime I’ve done atlas stones they actually make my back feel good surprisingly. Given that im not doing big weights on the stone like 140kg+. Is the stronger you get on atlas stones the more risks etc? My body definitely hates yoke though.

There’s some freaks out there thats for sure. No one wins wsm forever either though. I’m sure those guys will have there Win too just like larry.

Thors an incredible athlete yes, but how much stronger/better can he possibly get? Larry’s getting stronger and stronger and hes doing it at a very fast rate. Really hope larry doesnt get injured from how he trains. In 5 years time i think larry will improve insanely. Maybe not enough to win or maybe so. Larry’s not just some static beast, he obviously can be athletic as hell/great at moving events if he puts energy into that. (Not saying you said that btw, just saying)


Does this count lol