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Can I Use Winny If I Ran Out of Test?

Hi all

Ive been currently running test E at 200mg a week. A little higher than TRT. Been using it as TRT but my doc closed up shop and left me high and dry. I ordered some more test which will get here in a few weeks.

I have a months worth of winny from a previous cycle and am wondering if I should use that for now until my test comes in and I get back on usual dosage.

It’s been 2.5 weeks since my last injection and it’ll be at least another 2 weeks till I get my new one.

Had some clomid on hand as well so I started running 50mg ED as of last thursday.

Would it be wise to use winny to keep things on the up and up? Or would I be better off just keeping the clomid as is until test arrives?

Winstrol isn’t testosterone. I don’t think it can replace it. Dianabol would have been more suitable. I dont think there would be any harm in taking it as it doesnt aromatise anyway but you cant replace the test with it.


run the clomid untill test arrives.

Do not use the winstrol - this will shut you down whilst not aromatising and you may crash your E, feel like shit and be unable to get an erection etc

If you use HCG as part of your TRT protocol then you should be OK to just run that until the test arrives

As Pex said, do not use the Winstol as a replacement of test! Your suppose to run Winstrol with test! Every compound shuts down your natural, even synthetic test! But synthetic test replaces what you don’t have or allows you to push further past the natural ability if that’s what you want! So here you have 2 options, start the Clomid as a PCT ( IF your blasting ) and then come off! Hopefully you have enough to do some sort of PCT and then start another cycle when it comes time. But you said you are taking it as TRT so if that’s the case I would do as Pex said and run the clomid till your other arrives.

Dont waste winny stay on clomid until test. Unless you are female , always fun at least 200,250mg test weekly with cycle unless you dont give a shit about sex, workout energy.

A TRT replacement dose is usually 100-125mg/wk. 250mg testosterone is supraphysiological and is not true TRT or ‘cruise’ dose.